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August 3, 2022
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Playtech launched as a limited exclusive game live deal or no dal – the big draw. This game is one of the most successful game show formats of the 21st century.

According to the format of the television show, live deal or no deal – a large draw is based on 16 numbered prize suitcases. The player’s ticket appears 15 numbers, and the sixtenth suitcase is a player’s prize. As the balls are drawn, the number and prizes are removed from the ticket, while the banker bar is filled at the same time. As soon as the seven numbers fall on rack, the banker will make his first sentence player.

If a player accepts a deal, the game on this ends. In addition, they can buy five additional balls to continue the game in search of a higher offer. If the player did not accept the transaction and therea are no more balls, his suitcase will be open to show his prize. In addition, players can choose one of the five prizes before start of the round, as well as enter the mini-drawing side game, with prizes based on the first 20 drawn balls.

To spend players through the game, first was also built a textbook that provides video – live deal or no deal-the big draw review. The tutorial also contains subtitles from various languages ​​to support the global base of fans of this game.

Edo heitin, managing director of playtech live casino, comments: "we are pleased to bring excitement from one of the most sustainable television formats to life. With the addition of mini-raffle of a side game, allowing players to buy a few tickets with 6 decision-making points during the game, whether it to buy more balls or acceptance of bankers. Live transaction or lack of a deal, a big draw brings a new level of involvement and strategic participation by the player. For many players, a live game is the same experience as gambling and we are watching a growing trend towards gameshow style – which is why we are so sure that a live deal or lack of deal will definitely be a big draw."

Lex scott, head of business development department banijay brands, adds: "we are very pleased to expand our partnership with playtech by launching live deal or no deal – the big draw. Presentation in the studio is fantastic, and thanks to the combination of proven format and innovative elements, such as mini-draw, we believe that it offers something really unique and interesting for live players, which cresponds to the brand."

Source: playtech official website

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