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January 11, 2022
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Playtech plc, developing online game solutions, strengthens is ability to prevent fraud using real-time identification software.

Playtech Introduces New Measures to Combat Fraud

Playtech confirms that it moved to the installation of the iovation fraudforce software through its open pop platform – the leading system of the company that provides gaming software management.

Fraudforce – software to prevent fraud in the field of digital technology. It focuses on templates and recognizing detects to detect fraudulent actions and detect hidden links between devices and suspicious accounts, as well as determining illegal manipulations.

Using the optimized dynamics of real-time data, fraudforce has created a data recognition center capable of making more than 5 billion devices.

In the future, playtech partners will be able to use the technological power of the iovation international network fully. It involves 4 thousand analysts, which are are able to track up to 30 million transactions per day and stop about 300 thousand attempts daily.

Reducing profits as a result of increasing tax rates


Playtech experts the corrected ebitda figure for 2019 will fall at about €20 million ($ 22.7 million) – before €25 million – after the introduction of a new tax on gambling.

As we have reported earlier, on sunday, decept the budget for 2019, which provides for the budget for 2019, which provides for the increasing tax on various types of gambling activities. This law should enter into force on january 1, 2019.

Among the main changes in the taxation of gambling in the country – increased online casino tax from 20 to 25%. The government statedt that this would bring the state in addition €50 million income per year.

Profit from online sports rates is taxed in the amount of 24%, which is 2% more compared to the season. Meanwhile, ground operators are also waiting for an increase in tax – up to 20%. Exception will be only jumps. New tax rates, according to experts, will cost operators in €30 million per year.

Italian licensed operators have already encountered an absolute ban on advertising and sponsorship, which also come into force on january 1, 2019, although existing partnership agreements with sports leagues can last until june 30.

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