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March 24, 2022
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Playtika Completes Pricing For Primary Public Offering

Playtika’s social gigant confirmed that the primary public placement of shares provides for the sale of 69,500,000 shares at a price of $ 27.00 per share, which can bring a total revenue of $ 1.88 billion.

The price $ 27 per share exceeds the expected range from 22 to 24 dollars, specified in the registration mement in the securities and exchange commission (sec).

Also expected to reduce the tranches of the shares sold by playtika, from the expected 21,700,000 shares to 18,518,500. As a result, the general revenue from the business will be 500.0 million dollars.

Majoritarian shareholder of alpha frontier sells larger than expected, tranche. From the initial sale of alpha frontier – a holding company controlled by a consortium of investors who purchased playtika in 2016 – will receive 1.38 billion dollars. This amount will increase to $ 1.66 billion, if the superphan option is completely sold.

Bidding on nasdaq global select market began on january 20, 2021, subject to conventional closing conditions.

Source: playtika official website

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