Plushenko Academy In Combat Mode: Published Exhausting Training (Video)

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June 1, 2022
3 minutes

The preseason training of skaters is in full swing. Pupils of the plushenko academy are strongly preparing for the start of the competition, and the process is documented by video. There is no passage even for the main star alexandra podovoy.

Plushenko Academy in combat mode: published exhausting training (video)

«Academy of angelov» plushenko is in reinforced mode

Coronavirus pandemic took the opportunity to participate in ice show, competitions and even in training on ice. Now, to gain a lost form, they are forced to engage hard. However, such is the fate of professional athletes, even if we are talking about juniors. So, apparently, evgeny plushenko believes, who is now spending active fees with their wards in kislovodsk.

Unlike other coaches, the 2006 olympic champion actively covers the process of training, which allows fans of skaters to look at the veins of the secrecy of training. Today on the official page in instagram plushenko, another video appeared with classes.

We are talking about collective training that eugene conducted in conjunction with sergey rozanov. The latter switched to him to the academy from the department «crystal», where he worked under the leadership of eter tutberidze. Together with the coach, victoria zilina and alexander troopov. They can also be seen with the rest of the guys and girls on video.

We advise you to read our material about why the transition to plushenko is useful for russian figure skating, despite the surprise and scandalivity.

In the published video, which lasts 1 minute 54 seconds, plushenko’s wards are performed by the same exercises. At first the kampaat, and then perform jumps with turns. Under the end of the end of the video, it can be seen that part of the atletes are petty too much, locks and jumps are obtained. The roller itself is accompanied by a signature «oh, how hard in teaching, but easy to fight».

Interestingly, athletes again trained under the well-known composition «victory day». Two days earlier on the eugene page already downloaded video, only with another set of elements that the group also performed under this song. We talked more about this in a separate article.

From video training, we can conclude that sports fees in kislovodsk in plushenko did not become a resort rest, despite the close location of the south russian resorts. There is no concern even for the main star of the academy alexandra podovoy.

Previously, we wtrote about the birthday of alexandra podovoy, who turned 16 years old.

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