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February 24, 2022
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The term "poker" combines several types of card games similar to the rules of bidding and compilation of combinations. The player is given a choice of solutions (increase in bet, pass, exchange), which allows you to use a strategy to increase the probability of winning. Poker tables – great option for entertainment, earnings. But before proceeding to the game, you should carefully examine the rules of poker in the casino.

Poker types

Gaming clubs offer a wide range of card tables. The greatest popularity is: Caribbean Stud and Hold’em Casino. Rules of Caribbean herds are used in Russian poker, 6-card, Crazy. Modifications differ slightly – distribution and payment.

Features of the types of herd:

  • Caribbean – the game is carried out on one box, it is distributed on five cards, one exchange is allowed.
  • Oasis – the client can put on two boxes.
  • Russian – Allowed to exchange any number of cards.
  • 6-card – No exchanges, you can buy a sixth card.
  • Crazy – Double fee produced second exchange.

Having mastered the rules of Caribbean poker, you can easily play his varieties.

Distribution course

To enter the distribution, you need to make ante – a bet meaning to participate in Konu. After closing the reception of bets, Ante is impossible to pick up or change. The limit set the range of bets for the entrance – the minimum size is 10 times less than the maximum.

Table interface in online casino

Closing the bet, the dealer distributes five cards to visitors and yourself shirt up. The latter card lays out his last card in the open, it is called the "opening". Looking at the received cards (hand), the poker is deciding and announces it:

  • PAS – Exit from distribution. Ante goes into establishment. The participant awaits the next conma and has no right to continue participation in the current.
  • Replacing one or five cards for an additional fee.
  • BET is a bet confirming consent to a comparison of a combination with a dealer. Put in the "bet" field. Twice the above Ante. You can put before and after the exchange.

Poker combinations

The task of the participant is to collect a combination stronger than that of the croupier. The stronger the alignment of the poker, the higher the payment. Combinations are built on five maps obtained from distribution and when exchanging.

List of poker layouts

Opening and payout

Opening is made if the visitor set Bet. Croupier opens his hand.

The dealer compares the combination

Possible situations:

  • No Game – Dealer did not compound a combination. Ante is paid one to one. Hands of players do not open.
  • Hand comparison – dealer collected "Ace King" and above. The visitor’s hand is revealed and the croupier compares it with its own. If the client has an alignment of older, it receives payment – Bet or Ante is multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the combination.

Table of payout

Naval Optional Answer Beth
Royal Flash201 K 1100 K 1
Street Flash101 K 150 K 1
Care41 K 120 K 1
Full house15 to 17 to 1
Flash11 K 15 to 1
Strette9 to 14 K 1
Troika (Set)7 to 13 to 1
Two pairs5 to 12 to 1
Pair3 to 11 to 1
Senior Card3 to 11 to 1

Poker game rules in casino for some tables allow you to put on the bonus. Having received priority to the exchange and above, the poker is immediately getting a bonus payment – the rate is multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the composed.

Table of bonus awards

Royal Flush (Royal Flush)1,000 K 1
Stretch Flash (Straight Flush)500 K 1
Care (Four Of A Kind)200 K 1
Full House (Full House)100 K 1
Flash (Flush)60 K 1
Stretch, or Street (Straight)40 K 1

Some online casinos instead of the bonus play the accumulative jackpot. The rules of the draw may differ – the size of the prize fund and the conditions are described in the lobby table.

The player may insure from the situation "no game" before the opening, reaching a string and older.

For insurance requires an additional rate not lower than BET, but not higher than the payout. If the croupier opens the "Ace King" and older, insurance goes to the income of the institution. If no autopsy is, the dealer will pay insurance 1 to 1.

Is it possible to win in a casino

Rules of casino games are designed so that the institution always remains in the plus. Playing one distribution, the visitor can win or lose – the will of the case. Having played hundreds, thousands of horses, the player will be in a minus by about 10%. The use of the strategy increases the chances of winning and allows you to make a profitable game. The following tips will prompt how to beat a casino poker:

  • Without having received a couple of bobbies and older, do not exchange cards – pass or put confirmation.
  • If the craft is open ace or king, play with any couples and drop hands without a combination.
  • Consider the probability of losing, which depends on the "opening" (see. Table below).
  • Make an exchange for 8 outs and above.

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Probability of loss

Ranger loss

Out, or output – the number of cards remaining in the deck, allowing to complete the alignment. To determine the number of auto, it is necessary to calculate how much the cards of the desired nominal or suit remained in the deck. Outputs are translated into the probability of dividing on 46 and multiply by 100 – expressed as a percentage, which allows you to objectively assess the chances.

Exchange is beneficial at high chances of getting the necessary outage.

Example 1. On hand 4 kb. 9 Krop (13 – 4 = 9) remain in the deck – this is the autows. At 9 Auts, the poker is high chances of getting a flash – 19.6%. The player will be Flash in one hand out of five.

Example 2. On hand 3, 4, 5, 7, to. For drawing up a strit (3, 4, 5, 6, 7), you need six. At the player 4 out. 8.7% – Low Probability to complete Stretch.

Rules are quickly mastered in a real game. Studying them in practice, it is better to play at minimum rates or free – using poker demo in online casino.

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