Politics Of Ukraine May Have Private Interests In The Future Gambling Market

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April 14, 2022
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Gambling needs to governments around the world for the legalization of underground income, and the main motive consists not in the development of the economy. Such an opinion expressed alexey kushch, economist and analyst in finance.

Politics of Ukraine May Have Private Interests in the Future Gambling Market

The expert clarified that government members shold be concerned primarily as a productive model of economic development in order to cope with the problem of poverty in ukraine. The media massively distributed messages about the legalization of gambling, because the government im important to feed the society models of the production mechanism.

Also, kushche added that gambling will not significantly affect the restoration of the economy of the whole state, how much will become a starting mechanism for the emergence of depressive regions. Open the gambling institution in disadvantanded centers is beneficial, since this local budgets will be replenished even faster. The economist led to the example of south korea, where the gambling industry is divided into three levels – for locals, tourists and mixed points.

In an interview, alexey did not bypassed local politicians for whom the legalization of gambling, in his opinion, may be an additional earnings. Law enforcement agencies, in turn, see personal benefits in such business. Placing gambling establishments in hotels category 5 stars – this is another corruption scheme, because in the country there is no classification of hotels in the stars in principle. This means that decision regarding which class to attribute one or another hotel will receive an outficial. The result will be the provision of a license for a private agreement, considers kushch.

According to him, the main example of the economy for the government of ukraine is georgia. However, it is worth considering that there are differenes between them. Georgia – country is small and this is one of the key factors. It is worth remembering that bills like today’s developing and are accepted by power, taking into account their personal values ​​and needs. Abspective business in the field of gambling – a typical example of such a bill, summed up the expert.

Recall, in the ministry of finance poland declared the imminent entrepreneur to the rules for gaming machines.

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