Povetkin Shared His Impressions Of Boy With Hunter And Spaoke About The End Of The Career

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April 25, 2022
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Despite the fact that alexander povetkin in the fall turned 40 years old, he continues to beat at a high level and claim the champion belt. His duel with michael hunter ended in a draw, but «russian vityaz» already ready for revenge. When a russian plans to end the sport – in material.

Povetkin Shared His Impressions of Boy With Hunter and Spaoke About the End of the Career

Povetkin: fight with hunter – far from the end

December 7 in saudi arabia alexander povetkin held his 38th battle on professional ring. This time, his opponent became 31-year-old michael hunter. The duel was launched all 12 rounds, after which the judges counted a draw. Immediately after the event «russian vityaz» turned to his fans in instagram and thanked them for support. Also, the boxer admitted that he had to realize everything he conceived, in the ring.

Despite the result, alexander looked very well in the ring, but at one point it became noticeable that he was in activity and became gradually to pass. In his interview, the russian admitted that it was perfectly prepared for all 12 rounds, but psychology intervened. «Knight» at one point he felt that he had everything and it was possible to complete the battle early. He began to invest in strikes, but hunter stood, and the forces – end.

In general, povetkin called hunter a good rival and confirmed that he would not mind to meet him in revenge, but stressed that it did not depend on it, but from promoters. Also, alexander, would any problems, would spend repetition and against joshua. To the response meeting with anthony, he would correct the mistakes that allowed in the first match. Not mind the rusian would be to enter the ring and vs. Vladimir klitschko, if he resumed his career.

About the possible return of the 43-year-old ex-champion say not the first month. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

In General, Povetkin Called Hunter A Good Rival

Told povetkin and about his setting to continue the sports career. If, after the defeat from joshua, alexander seriously considered the option of leaving the sport, now he is experiency the second youth. According to the boxer himself, he believees that two more two can spend at a high level, he said, «wish have and eyes burn». Also not going anywhere ambitions and the desire to become a champion.

About how the fight with fry restarts povetkin’s career – in a sectial article.

Earlier we wrote that vasily lomachenko recognized the best wbo boxer.

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