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June 24, 2022
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The issue of building the gambling zone at the border with china is precisely for the visitors from the middle kingdom to kazakhstan due to the measures taken by the prc on the fence of their citizens from the negative impact of gambling.

PRC and Kazakhstan risk spoaling relations in connection with gembling tourism - expert

About this, especially our publication reports legal analyst bakhtiir koybakov. In his opinion, there may be new threats in relations between kazakhstan and china in connection with the formation of a recreational and gambling zone for visitors from china in the kazakhstan sector of the international center for crossing cooperation «khorgos» (mcps «khorgos») located on the kazakh-chinese border.

Previously, we reported that the permanent committee of the all-china assembly of people’s representatives is considering amendment that criminalizes the act «lanting» chinese gambling players in foreign casino.

As part of this work, the ministry of culture and tourism of china announced the creation «black list of countries», who attract chinese tourists to visit gambling. According to expert, the formation of any «black lists» implies possible sanctions against the defendants of these «black lists».

Koibakov notes that today there is a direct ban on the president of kazakhstan kasym-zhomart tokayeva to open new casinos and for issuing permits to open an online casino. At the same time, the ministry of culture and sports of the republic of kazakhstan (iss rk) has formed a working group from the heads of ministries, public organizations and subjects of gambling business – for comprehensive study of the issue of construction «recreational and gambling zone for visitors from china».

Given the current actions of the prc, according to koybakov, kazakhstan is better to consider proposal «association of civil aviation kazakhstan» about the construction of a casino at airports. With this proposal, he turned to the first president of the republic of kazakhstan – the leader of nazarbayev nursultan abishevich, who is also security of the security council of the republic of kazakhstan rk, chairman of the party «nur otan». The appeal went to the authorized government – iss rk. In the response letter of the ministry of consciousport, the instructions of the president of kazakhstan tokayev.To. July 10, 2019 no. 19-2472 – on the inadmissibility of the opening of new casinos and issuing permits for opening an online casino.

Casino At Airports

«And then, despite this ban, it says that (quoting): “the decision to create a working group to discuss this issue was taken to be commissioned by the office of the prime minister of the republic of kazakhstan. 17-12 / 547 қbp // 27-7.13 dated august 07 2020” note – regarding the opening of the gambling zone on the territory of the mcps “khorgos” on the kazakh-chines border)».

According to the expert, the proposal of airlines of kazakhstan, which is not containing signs of discrimination of visitors to gambling institutions, depending on the country of arrival / wage (on the opening of gambling establishments / with the exception of casino / in transit areas of airports), see more rational than the proposal of unknown stakeholders – about «lubrication» chinese gambling players in mcps «khorgos».

He emphasizes that, among other things, the local population may incorrectly perceive the idea of ​​the construction of gambling infrastructure – not for all foreigners and turistis on equal terms, but exclusively for visitors from china, which is fraught with the possibility of a surge of so-called anti-chinees moods.

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