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March 15, 2022
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Wakayama Published His Own Integrated Resort Policy

The japanese prefecture of wakaima published its own policy of an integrated resort, including a casino, establishing the goals of ir as enterprises focused on improving and revitalizing the local economy, attracting guests from japan and from abroad.

Prefecture encourages potential private operators to pay priority attention on the embankment, proximity to hot springs, food culture and other local resources to maximize the strengths of the location.

Wakaki’s construction site is a plot of 23.61 hectares in marina city, kemi, with an initial period of operation of 40 years.

"Proposals from potential private partners shold be creative projects stored by cultural heritage," the prefecture says.

According to the prefecture, the complex must become a symbolic attraction and be technologically developed, including the premises for a mice area of 50,000 square meters, public relations services, as well as hotels and accommodation for accommodation at least 100,000 square meters with 2500 rooms and a casino no more thana 3% of the total area.

Sport should also become a key part of the sentence. Sailing, surfing, fishing, diving, golf, rafting and spa – all this is mentioned in politics.

Policy is also mentioned that potential partners shold take into account the questions of the responsible game and reduce the problems associated with gambling.

Source: official website of wakica prefecture

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