President “Bavaria” Said That Ronaldo Is Not Worth His Money Now

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January 30, 2023
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Presenting munich «bavaria» henness ulya told why the five-time owner «golden ball» not interested in his club, despite all its merits.

President 'Bavaria' said that Ronaldo is not worth his money now

In recent years, the president «bavaria» uli henness stop making loud scandalous statements. Creator of a modern successful model «fc hollywood» after the prison term for non-payment of taxes became more calm and less verbose. However, at times «old out» still reminds of myself. So, in an interview with the german tabloid, he commented on rumors that «rotena» in the summer they intended to sign cristiano ronaldo.

«Cr7 – model for all football players. He is a good guy who, joining “juventus”, raised the level of professionalism in the club. However, his transfer would cost us €100 million. We would pay this amount with closed eyes if it were 24 years old, and not 33», – explained ulya decision leadership not to sign portuguese striker.

After the third consecar, the champions league won «real» madrid this summer cristiano ronaldo moved to «juventus» behind €112 million. With this transfer, a 33-year-old portuguese has become the highest paid football player with a salary €30 million per year. After a short adaptation, criro began recouping the cost of his transition. For 14 matches in the series, ronaldo marked 10 goals and 5 with the effective transmissions.

But all the merits of cristiano this year did not allow him to get his sixth «golden ball» in a career. In the voting, he took the second place by giving way to his former one-lunch luke modrich. This result caused a stormy reaction from the fans of the striker and relatives of the football player.

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