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August 18, 2022
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The administration of the prisorsky territory sent to the president of the initiative to change the current legislation relative to the gambling zones. This is informed «interfax» with reference to the source familiar with the text of documents on proposals.


According to the data, the authorities propose to cancel the ban on advertising in the regions of the gambling zones in which the are located. Indition, it is proposed to consider the possibility of placing advertising of gambling events in the international terminal of the airport as an exception from the current situation regarding advertising of gambling.

According to the regional authorities who come tourists must be aware that such services exist in the territory of the region. The administration believees that the absolute veto for advertising of gambling, as well as the activities relating to them adversely affect the profits of the operators of gambling zones. In turn, it leads to a decrease in income in the regional budget.

In documents with proposals, there are changes in the identification procedure, which operates in legislation today. It proposed to conduct a procedure at the discretion of a gambling establishment for customers who buy chips / tokens worth >40 thousand. Rub. Cash and 100 thouusand. Rub. Bank card.

The administration of the proposes to allow foreign currency transactions in the territory of the gaming area. According to current provisions, the clients of the gambling zone must visit the bank twice:

  • Exchange currency before buying gambling chips;
  • Exchange winnings on rubles, then – in a bank for for foreign currency.

This regulation leads to significant losses of customers during currency exchange due to the difference in courses and also requires additional time.

Earlier, the ministry of finance expressed a negative attitude to the resolution of currency transactions in gambling zones. In turn, the ministry of economic development, opposite, — supports such a sentence. The office believees that permission to carry out currency operations will be positively affectedd by the regions where gambling zones are valid. This will contribute to the development of social and economic data markets.

Recall: on august 23, it became known that the authorities of the republic of the creakhstan will not be engaged in creating a gambling zone in the territory of crimea. According to officials, today are more large-scale issues — such as the development of infrastructure, improving the social level of the inhabitants of the region. The authorities do not say when they exactly activate the work regarding the implementation of the project of the crimean igor zone. Presumably, this issue will affect the relevance only after the permission of key problems in the development of the peninsula.

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