Profit Of A Major Czech Operator Increased By More Thanw A Quarter

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April 27, 2022
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Czech lottery operator and sport sport group stated an increase in profit by on than a quarter for the first nine months of this year. Thanks to the acquisition of opap vlt, the company is counting on preserving a favorable trend.

Profit of a major Czech operator increased by more than a quarter

Gambling operator announced the financial results of work for the first nine months of 2019. Ggr for the current period amounted to €1.37 billion, stated an increase of 6.4%. At the same time, the company’s profit increased by 18.5% and amounted to €429.6 million. After paying all taxes on the account of the company will remain €217 million, which is 28% more than last year.

In addition, sazka also made a profit in the amount of €293 million from the sale of shares of the supersport brand serving the croatian market. The measure was adopted after the kkcg investment group acquired 25% of sazka shares. Emma capital – the company that was transferred shares of the croatian project.

Lottery operations produced in austria, czech republic, greece and italy, still bring the lion of income sazka. At the same time, instant lottery are more popular.

The income of the company from operations using video terminals (vlt) and slot machines increased by 52% and amounted to €148.9 million.

At the same time, the company stated a reduction in the turnover of betting operations by 5% – before €189.8 million.

In addition, quite recently, the company has increased the share of business participation online casino casinos austria. Thus, in the hands of sazka turned out to be a controlling stake in casinos austria.

In addition, the company has the hope that positive dynamics will remain thanks to the expansion of the share in opap.

Recall that in the summer of this year, the czech lottery celebrated the century of work.

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