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March 25, 2022
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Neymar lost a prize of five million euros due to bad behavior and departure from the list of the best players of this year according to fifa. The brazilian striker was late for training, a little played, because it was often injured, and told the leadership of the psg that he wanted to leave the club.

PSG refused to pay 5 million euros premium neimar

Brazilian did not fulfill the necessary conditions

According to the terms of the contract of neymar with psg, the brazilian can receive special monetary premims for specific achievements. For example, for entering the list of the best football players of the season according to fifa fifa, three million euros will earn and for exemplary behavior – two.

Around neymar in the last season, many scandals associated with the desire of the attacker return to «barcelona». Along with this, the media often reported an athlete injuries. Brazilian was also late for training, because of which it was left without additional 2 million euros.


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— paris saint-germain (@psg_inside)
august 1, 2019.

Among other things, this year neymar flew out of the symbolic national team of fifa players, having lost another three million euros, who guide the paris club were obliged to pay for success.

Recall that neymar clearly made the psg, which does not want to play more in the frenc club. «Barcelona» was interested in the return of striker, however «paris saint-germain» do not meet the catalans in the player’s sale negotiations.

Earlier we wrote about the transition of havi simons from «barcelona» in psg on the rights of a free agent.

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