Puchel Whipped And Gingerbread Made Nymar Again Become The Best

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April 12, 2022
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Neimar did not come out to leave the psg this summer: too expensive the player became a victim of his price tag and amptions. Now he hates fans, but thomas tuhel has found an approach to the star striker. Outcome – it benefits almost every match. We trid to reveal the secret of his success.

Puchel Whipped and Gingerbread Made Nymar Again Become The Best

Tuchul used a proven method with neimar

You can relate differently to neymar: to admire it with the game, appliances and vision of the field or concentrate on the simulation during the game, scandals in your free time, style or huge salary. But it’s stupid to deny that it is truly a talented football player. This summer, he really wanted to leave the psg, in which he did not become a superstar of the level of messi and ronaldo. Most brazilians wanted to return to «barcelona», that’s just «blue-grenade» so could not agree with the paris bosses, as a result – forward stayed in paris.

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A ti toda honra e toda glória deus ????????????????️️

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Andhinging, if the brazilian had all the summer, silently did his job and did not give the right and left interview about how he wants to leave france. Fans do not forgive betrayal and change. Or still can be cleared? Neumaru had to go through a large amount of hate from fans. You can read more about about this in a special article.

But it sems that the path to to salvation was found and his name – thomas tuhel. The german coach returned neymar to the starting lineup, and he paid him in full – 4 goals in 5 games. In a recent interview for bein sports, the mentor told how he survived the entire transfer saga and was able to force striker to benefit.

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Oi, te liguei deve tá ocupadinha tudo bem, tá com outro contatinho ???????? @leosantana @anitta

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First, according to thomas, he did not get involved in the epic with the transfer personally. Conduting that it can be like to leave and stay, he was preparing for both outomes, while the relationship with the player did not spoil. Helped him in this and the leadership that was delivered by ultimatum – neymar does not play until it decreases in the club or not.

Secondly, according to the tuchel, despite the entire scandintivity of the person’s person, he is actually a very good and kind guy. The coach saw the brazilian works in training, and remained satisfied with the result. When it became clear that this season he will hold in paris, the coach approad and threatened the player words words that the hardest only ahead and he will force him to work.

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october 5, 2019

Neymar accepted this, and the result did not make himself wait. Method «whip and gingerbread» from tuchiel worked. Ande the football player will continue to surrender on the field, then the forgiveness of fans will take place very soon.

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