Pupils Tutberidze Will Perform At All Stages Of The Grand Prix Of Figure Skating: Calendar

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April 13, 2022
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2019/2020 season in figure skating among women promises to be very rich and competitive. The main creators of the sensation will be expected to be the wards of eteri tutberidze, who will participate in all stages of the grand prix minimum one. Read more in our material.

Pupils Tutberidze will perform at all stages of the Grand Prix of figure skating: calendar

Grand prix schedule for figure skating 2019: participants from tutberidze

This season, the team of eteri tutberidze will be represented by five of her students at once: alina zagitova, elizabeth tursnbayeva, alexander trussov, anna shcherbakova and alain kosostna. Each of them has the necessary set of skills and excellent chances of winning or at least a passage to the final.

  • Skate america

October 18-20

First of representatives «crystal» anna shcherbakova will start their way to the grand prix. The tournament will be held in las vegas (usa). On the account of ani this season already has a victory on her first adult «challenger» in lombardy. Her main rival then turned out to be elizabeth tuktamysheva. The will of the case is destined to repeat this confrontation. Indition to lisa, the main competitors – stanislav konstantinova and kaori sakamoto.

In a separate material, we stayed in more detail at this stage and analyzed the chances of athletes.

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Skate america – ladies’ preview! Finally, the grand prix is starting this week in las vegas with the 2019 skate america gp! It will be an awesome event. We’ll have anna, liza, stanislava, kaori, eunsoo, wakaba, mako, bradie and karen battling for the podium spots. My prediction: 1. Anna shcherbakova 2. Liza tuktamysheva 3. Kaori sakamoto what are your predicttions? And what are you most excited to see in skate america? Good luck to all the competitors and ???????????????????????? For great skatings! – – – – · · follow @figure_skatingvideo for more! · · – – – – #figureskating #russia #program #america #season #sport #skateamerica # skateamerica2019 #lasvegas #vegas #gpfigure # gpfigure2019 #worldfigure #annashcherbakova #elizavetatuktamysheva #stanislavakonstantinova #kaorisakamoto #wakabahiguchi #makoyamashita #eunsoolim #bradietennell #karenchen #patinageartistique #patinajeartistico # フィギュア # figure mouth # 피겨 스케이팅

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  • Skate canada

October 25-27

In the small town of kelowna in canada, in adulthood of the grand prix of another ex-junior, eteri georgievna – alexandra trowanova. Sasha is called the main favorite of all major turnaments, and at its account there are already several records. In canada, she experts a serious opposition in the form of evgenia medvedeva and ricky kihira.

  • Internationax de france 2019

1-3 november

Grand prix in grenoble will be the first stage on which colleagues by «crystal» will meet and will compete with each other. Alena kosostna and alina zagitova debuted this season on the ice of france and most likely take the first two places.

Internationaux de france 2019✨https: // t.Co / dwdlku2uxo pic.Twitter.Com / 4iqrri5kna

— teamkostornaya (@teamkostornaya)
july 24, 2019.

  • Cup of china 2019

November 8-10

Chongqing’s chinese city will be a refuge for the chinese grand prix. Anna shcherbakova and elizabeth toursnbayev will compete for «gold». For the kazakh figure skater this season, it will not be fast for the season in china, in october, she rode as part of shanghai trophy, where he lost to medvedeva. We wrote more about the speech in a separate article.

The main competitors of the girls will be elizabeth tuktamyshev with sofia savorov and satoko miyahar.

  • Rostelecom cup 2019

November 15-17

At the home stage, only one alexandra cowlov will be again from the tutberidze group among girls. Fight for «gold» evgeny medvedev, stanislav konstantinova and miyahar satoko.

  • Nhk trophy 2019

November 22-24

Japanese fans have already frozen waiting, because alina zagitova will again arrive. In addition to her, tutberidze will again represent alain kozotnaya. There girls have to confront last year’s winner of the final of the grand prix rica kihir and the european champion sophie savorova. Both figure skaters last season in different tournaments zagitova lost, a good chance to take revenge.

  • The final

December 5-8

The Final

This season, the final competition will take italian turin. All the wards, etherea tutberidze have a good chance to get into it. And if it is generally about to talk about the strength of russian skaters, then, with a lot of probability, the final can and get exclusively russian. Last year, he was half russian and half japanese.

Earlier we wrote about the secret of tuktamysheva, who did not allow her to throw sports.

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