Queensey Prome In Spartak Is Sick For His: Sobolev Better Juba

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July 18, 2022
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Dutch footballer quince prome returned to russia and has already managed to distinguish between effective actions on the field and loud states beyond. About out of them – read in fresh sport news.

Queensey Prome in Spartak IS Sick for His: Sobolev Better Juba

Queens prome: today sobolev is better than jüba

Dutch striker to the joy of russian fans this winter returned to «spartacus», in which he at one time achieved serious success. Queens of the success of the moscow club, which in the 2016/2017 season won the first championship for many years. After an unsuccessful transition to «seville» mesome played by «ajax», but in the end, it was in moscow again, where in four games already distinguished himself with two goals and two head gears. It can be said that quinsy shines again outside, distributing a bright interview, the passages of which mig will fly through sports editions.

In a short time, quinsi managed to criticize the game of his team, call the tedesco top coach and talk about potential championship. In the last comment edition «sport express» mesoms touched the taverid theme of the struggle for the taverid theme of the main forward in the national team between artem jübe and alexander sobolev. According to the dutchman, alexander is now stronger forward «zenita». He believees that a 24 year-old striker «spartak» there are every chance of the russian national team.

At the same time, quinssey noticed that are difficult to compare, since the attackers are similar similar to the jüb is still a lot scores. But he gives her preference to a young football player, since, being with him in one club, he sees his potential.

«He is still young, but aready very strong. In the penalty he is just a killer», – argued his choice.

Queens Prome

Not withot compliment in this comments to your club. «Spartacus» mesom called the greatest russian club and sobolev – a player who scores in every match. This, of course, is not quite so. This season, sobolev distinguished himself in 16 games 10 times, at the same time, jüb is headed by a list of bombards along with its shared azman one with 13 goals in the asset. It concerns the club.

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FC Spartak Moscow

In this season «spartacus» really good and goes on a series of three victories, however, the lag from the current champion in the face of all the same «zenita» pretty solid – 4 points. Apparently, these words, mesom wants to once again instill confidence in his teammates, which have not yet become champions with «spartak». He confirmed this thought in another part of his interview.

«I want all the guys from this composition to feel this moment and understand what it means for the club», – zinsey said.

Earlier, we published the current table of uefa coefficients, in which the positions of russian teams were separately allocated.

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