Rakitsky Did Not Cause The National Team Of Ukraine: Passions Are Glowing

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February 18, 2022
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The national team of ukraine in the qualifying round for euro 2020 against portugal and luxembourg will play without the current defender «zenita» yaroslav rakitsky. There is no explanation from the ukrainian side, but the reason is most likely not in football.

Rakitsky Did Not Cause The National Team of Ukraine: Passions Are Glowing
Content: 1. Do not have to teach the hymn2. What could be the subtext?

In early march, the head coach of the team announced a list of players in which there was no surname of stopper.

Do not have to teach the hymn

Yaroslav was a player of the main composition of the ukrainian team. His position – the central defender, on which rakitsky actually does not have equal and in the national team and now already «zenit».

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For the ukrainian national team, the defender speaks since 2009, as in «miner» – former football player club. As part of the donetsk team for 10 years won 19 trophies: cup and european super cup, national championship.

With its style of the game, yaroslav reminds his colleague dmitry chigrinsky, who also performed for «orange-black». Maybe play the position of the central defender and go to the flanks. But his true chip is a distant strike, which he performs with a special power. This ability has already helped him in the games of the ukrainian and russian championships.

In recent years, there was a unmanned major central defender of the national team, the last time went out on the field in the yellow-blue form in october last year. Then ukraine beat the czech republic team within the president of nations uefa. Yaroslav spent the whole match on the field.

What could be the subtext?

In january stepper moved to st. Petersburg «zenith», changes the ukrainian championship for russian. After the transition, the football player called the premier league of his native country weaker than rfpl. Due to the tense political situation between the aforementioned countries, the athlete was criticized by ukrainian colleagues and experts. But on this nothing ended: in february, immediately after changing the club, the football federation of ukraine deleted the name of yaroslav from the list of national team players on its website. There were no official statements, but the defender himself mentioned that she hoped to see his name in the application for matches.

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But, as we see, the football player did not get into the application. Despite the fact that the team needs such a player in the position of the central defender, the leadership of the ukrainian team is considering other players for this role.

In russia, this news was reacted, one can say equally – considering the decision shevchenko with political subtext. For example, oleg salenko commented on this:

«Invisors rakitsky in the national team of ukraine – decision not only shevchenko, but also football federation. This is a political decision. He was told that yaroslav should not be».

Also former forward «dynamo» kyiv and other experts agreed that such an outcome will even benefit yaroslav – he will be able to avoid excess load and injuries.

Before we wrote that at the first stage of the diamond league did not go any russian athlete.

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