Ramzan Kadyrov Called Alexander Emelianenko To Fight

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April 27, 2022
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Fight with mikhail koklyaev returned alexander emelianenko in the information field and led to a whole series of challenges of the russian fighter to battle. Not even the head of the chechen republic ramzan kadyrov remained away. Read more in material.

Ramzan Kadyrov Called Alexander Emelianenko To Fight

Emelyanenko continues to be heard

Initially, a strange idea to spend the fight alexander emelianenko with mikhail koklyaev in fact became one of the best in recent years for the russian fighter. Increased media interest in the fight and high television ratings returned athlete in the information field. Despite the fact that the duel passed almost a month ago, the interest in it still holds.

This is due to the fact that after a confident victory over powerlifter, alexander said that he was ready to fight wout everyone who would challenge him. And the appeals were one after the other, turning into a kind of challenge. Emelianenko-younger in turn caused boxer rakhim chakhkiev, mma fighter evgeny goncharov, and now the turn has reached a person, the appearance of which on this list did not clearly expect.

For more information about the first call from the olympic boxing champion, we we wrote in a separate article.

On his page in instagram, the head of chechnya ramzan kadyrov recorded a video message to his subscribers. In it, heated that in the sports world became fashionable to call alexander emelyanenko to fight and he also decided to join this trend. Butt, as politician put it, he has not yet decided on the choice of martial art type – boxing or mma – and asked subscribers to help with the decision.

Alexander emelianenko made a repost of recording in his account in instagram, accompanying the publication with words «flashmob “call emelianenko to fight” ramzan reached my friend… ahmat strength!».

Alexander Emelianenko Made A Repost of Recording In His Account in Instagram

With a: small probability of the battle will take place, since in general the call itself is more like a joke, which caught emelianenko. True, it did not prevent commentators in both profiles starting seriously discuss the chances of potential opponents.

Recall that from 2017 to 2018, alexander performed for the fight club «ahmat», which is closely connected with ramzan kadyrov. During this time, he six fights, three more – as part of the wfca turnament. A number of experts and journalists noted that speeches and training in chechnya had a positive effect on emelianenko’s life. At that time, he tied up with alcohol, actively trained and did not fall into scandalous stories.

In a separate material, we talked about the problem, which, according to alexander schemenko, emelianenko never could solve.

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