Ramzan Kadyrov Explained That There Is No Conflict Between Him And Nurmagomedov

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July 26, 2022
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The name of the head of the chechen republic of ramzan kadyrov does not come off from the pages of sports publications in connection with his statements towards habib. Politician lived in direct air explained the importance of his words and simultaneously printed alexander schemenko. Read more in the main news mma.

Ramzan Kadyrov explained that there is no conflict between him and Nurmagomedov

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Ramzan kadyrov b «instagram» explained his statements

Information noise around ramzan kadyrov began with his live ether in «instagram». In it, the head of chechnya wondered on the theme of the greatness of habib nurmagomedov and offered him to meet with the club’s fighter «ahmat», also politician proposed to pay any fee of the ex-champion ufc. In addition, in relation to habib, he used the phrase «ufc project». It is this wording that caused a wide resonance and discussion. Many representatives of sports spoke on this topic. Part of them in the face of hamzat chimaeva, arthur bieterbiev and alexander emelyanenko supported the proposal of kadyrov and stated that it was possible to not win any of the fighters indeed «ahmat».

There were those who spoke and defend «eagle». So alexander schemenko said that the accusations of kadyrov for the most part «tensioned». Ramzan kadyrov decided to explain the situation during the new direct ether. In it, he said that he used the expression «ufc project» withot negative connotations, but only wanted to emphasize that the organization and fighter found each other. Also, the politician said that she communicates with habib and his brothers, and they, unlike all others, do not react, because, apparently, understand the true cause of the words of kadyrov.


Source: instagram.Com / khabib_nurmagomedov

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Not without reaction to the words of gremenko. Despite the fact that the ex-fighter bellator did not say anything in his commentary, the politician did not dismount his person. According to kadyrov, he did not even know who it was and where he fought. Moreover, the head of chechnya also incorrectly called the surname of the fighter.

«I thought he was an actor or blogger, he chats everywhere. Every day gives an interview», – stated live «instagram» politician.

Soon a reaction and schemenko himself appeared. In an interviewer lutikova, he notic alexander lutikova by the fact that head of the republic dedicated to him 30 seconds of the his ether, but he doubted that kadyrov did not know anything about him and did not hear, recalling that he spent 74 for his career boy.

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