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August 5, 2022
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Illegal activities in russia constantly stopped by law enforcement agencies, but those who want to make money on the azart and misfortunes of people around the law does not become less. Here is a list of criminal events of this week. On the pages of our publication also relevant casino news from russia and the nearest countries.

Ravalized Risk: Summary of the Criminal News of Gambling

A jacket cracked by a bookmaker, lured all the money from syarota from lower tagil. In the winter of 2021, the person living in the city of kotlas entered the confidence in the ural graduation of a doodle, having studied with him on social networks. He offered a young man to make money on a fake bookmaker company. When the victim translated all the accumulations (more than 270 thousand. Rubles), a chain and a trace. Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies managed to find a fake bookmaker and to oblige money to regain the victim to the victim. Return time is still unknown. So writes the yekaterinburg branch «tsargrad».

According to tass, organization «russian quality system» revealed a fraudulent scenario, which was built on gaming bots in «in contact with», who attracted minors for illegal earnings for their developers. Bots offered to schoolchildren and students to earn on the extraction of so-called virtual diamonds in the game application, which then can be translated into real money. After the player has solved the funds, he was proposed to first pay a penalty for conversion, after which his account was blocked, he did not receive any means. In addition, bots lured money for vip accounts. In this case, the user agreement indicates possible «problems», which can lead to such a situation, but the user agreement is usually ignored by young people. Ranking reported the violators of roskomnadzor and the leadership «vc». The most popular bots of this kind – gamebot – was blocked. Now the resource is checked for similar programs.

Internet resource 31tv.Ru writes that illegal slots were destroyed in chelyabinsk. Over a thousand devices collected from a number of illegal casinos were crushed by construction equipment on scrap metal. There are further search institutions in the chelyabinsk region.

In the kemerovo region, a woman heads an illegal gambling club right in the center of novokuznetsk. The violatrer renten and redested the room for gambling, equipping it with the appropriate technique. Proposals to participate were sent using sms. Investigators conducted a search, made a seizure of 19 gaming devices. During the proceedings, the organizer recognized the guilt and collaborated with the investigation. She was prescribed a fine of 7 thousand. Rubles.

In order for the russians to do increasing financial decisions, the did not become victims of scammers or were not burned on cryptobier, representatives of the bank of russia were told about the risks of non-professional operating digital assets and trading.

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