Readers Sputnik Supported The Idea Of ​​Closing A Casino In Georgia

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April 22, 2022
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Online edition sputnik conducted a survey dedicated to the problem of developing gambling business in the country. The total majority of readers supported the option suggesting the closure of gambling establishments and tote in georgia.

Readers Sputnik Supported The Idea of ​​Closing a Casino in Georgia

72.3% of respondents consider the necessary and right solutions to the closure of gambling objects and only 18.1% of georgians do not consider it necessary to eliminate the gembling business. The survey raised the important issue of the functioning of gembling objects.

Users who supported the presentation of the work of gambling establishments refer to the fact that the industry sends significant amounts in the form of taxes on their activities. At the same time 9.6% of respondents were indifferent to this issue. The editorial office notes that, apparently, these are people who do not come into contact with the world of gembling.

Meanwhile, the gambling business is one of the leading industries in the country, and the incomes that the gambling industry generates, excellence even the banking sphere in volumes. At the same time, according to ngos, 700 thousand live in georgia. Igno-dependent, which means that every fifth citizen of the country – ludoman.

Public sentiments against the gambling industry have deteriorated sharply against the background of two suicides that occurred, presumably, due to the impossibility of young people to cope with gambling addiction.

Recall that turkish expansion in the branch of terrestrial gambling institutions is clearly traced in the territory of the country.

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