Real Crisis Madrid: Zinined Zadan Can Leave The Post Of The Head Coach Until The End Of The Season

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April 7, 2022
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Zinined zidan returned to «real» madrid in the spring of this year and presented the fans hope on trophies. But won the three champions league in the the club, with whom he recently won the three champions league in a row, he risks to be dismissed in the near future. We understand the situation.

Real Crisis Madrid: Zinined Zadan Can Leave The Post of the Head Coach Until The End of the Season

Zidan – real madrid coach: leave vs to dismiss

Season 2018/2019 can hardly be called madrid «real» successful: third place in la league, two dismissal of major coaches, failures in «el classico», departure from the champions cup and champions league. Two words – zero trofeyev. And this seemingly literally the next year after the same players were hidden by rivals and led three times in a row.

Reasons in fact. First, the footballers in the composition were already killed by victories. Secondly, the main stars have come (many of them for 30 years). Thirdly, cristiano ronaldo left the team after zidan. The latter perfectly understood the possibilities of his players and, without having received from florentino peresa guarantee that he could buy someone he wants, and get rid of those who don’t need he – decided to leave from «real».

He returned only after the president promised this «carte blanche» give. Transfer window passed, «creamy» spent €300 million on the purchase of players, but did zidan got? Not. Only eden azar, whom the frenchman wanted, came toem. Rows «royal club» did not replenished the did not leave garet bale and did not leave garet bale, although the zizu really wanted it. As a result, perez, despite the promises, did it still did what he wanted.

About the conflict of baila whole team and personaly the head coach we wrote in a sparate material.

It is logical that, without receiving the desird, zidan faces problems – medical game in the championship and capital defeat from psg. And now, rumors about returning jose mourinho in madrid do not seem so empty, despite the assurances of the captain of the team of sergio ramos that the players stand the mountain for their coach and no crisis. That’s just hears his voice perez?

For odious president, dismiss coaches in the middle of the season – it’s like garet bail go to play golf. He is worried only victories and trophies, and by their actions and unrealized promises he deprived them. But instead of admitting it – it is easier to dismiss the legend of the club and hire jose mourinho, which is just waiting for the offer from the top club to return to a big game.

About jose, who burst out due to desire to return to football, we wrote in a special article.

Write in the comments if zinin zidane can, in your opinion, set up everything in the team and return «real» on top, or he will be dississed soon.

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