Real “Fails The Ending Of The Season: When The Cambakov Series Touches Madrids?

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February 21, 2022
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Football season ends, most top championships have identified their winners. La league this year did not differ in intrigue and high level of competitiveness, one of the reasons – current state «real».

Real'fails the ending of the season: when a series of Cambakov touches Madrids?
Content: 1. The result discussed, but in a bad sense2. Why u «real» the black strip dragged down?3. Maybe the victims in the form of a lie and la league are not in vain?

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About the madrid club the speak only in the context of the upcoming transfers and personal anti-advertises. What happens in the team?

The result discussed, but in a bad sense

As part of the 37th round of the spanish championship «real» gave way to another madrid club – «sucking», than installed a personal anti-recorder by the number of losses in the season. The score in the match was quite serious (1: 3), like the number of lesions – eleven.

???? Fp: @realsociedad 3-1 @realmadrid
⚽ merino 26 ‘, zaldua 57’, barrenetxea 67 ‘; @brahim 6 ‘# rmliga pic.Twitter.Com / elkbwsptes

— real madrid c.F.⚽ (@realmadrid)
may 12, 2019.

There is another negative for «creamy» aspect. For the second year in a row, the tem finishes below the second place, again giving «gold» and «silver» chief competitors in the league – «barcelona» and madridsky «atletico». It would sem, given the level of the aforementioned teams, the third place – it’s not so bad. However, the main problem is rather in lagging: from the current champions of zydan’s wards separates 18 points and from «mattress» – seven.

Why u «real» the black strip dragged down?

It difficult to immediately call the main reason for the failures of madrids. It does not know zidan himself, wh seems to be thoughts already next season, and in the current only transfers are interested in. Collecting the turnover of the scandal with bail, displeastent marslo and the signing of azara – this is what immediately comes to mind when they talk about the royal club.

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Nothing better than a late winner! ???????? #halamadrid

Publication from gareth bale (@ garethbale11) 31 mar 2019 at 2:32 pdt

The main chief of la league has always been competition between «barcoy» and «realom», but this year, madrids failed everywhere, where you can: departure from the champions league in 1/8, defeat from catalans in the cup semifinals, «bronze» in league. Perhaps it is calm before the storm?

Maybe the victims in the form of a lie and la league are not in vain?

Last season, madrid though finished the third, but the champions league cup managed to get. In 2019, the situation is less positive. According to marca, zidane commented on the last match of the wards such words: «rather ended this season».

This explains the failures from the intensive improvement team for the next year. Madrid’s policies this year concerns such surnames as neymar, burst, azar, – and this is only a small part of the desired purchases.

Your turn, paul. You are adidas. You will #bethedifference. Welcome to @adidasfootball @paulpogba ⚽️???????? Pic.Twitter.Com / lcbpxv3pgn

— zinedine zidane (@officialzzidane)
march 16, 2016.

The 2018/19 season in european football was marked by numerous cambanks: the resulting middle peasants in the top championships, the semifinals of the lch.

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This period can be for «creamy» specific calm, with which the achievements in the next seasons will be even louder.

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