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January 30, 2023
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On wednesday will be the final match of the 2018/2019 champions league group stage in the g between «realom» and cska.

Real Madrid - Cska (December 12, 2018): Forecast for LCH
Content: 1. Match «real» – cska will be held decept 12 in madrid2. The crisis «real» under silari3. Only victory will allow cska to go out in le4. «Real» – cska: bookmaker forecast for champions league match4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk "league rates"

Match «real» – cska will be held decept 12 in madrid

Champions league match «realom» and cska will be held on wednesday, december 12, at the stadium «santiago bernabeu» in madrid. The past contest between the teams took place in moscow and ended with the minimum victory «army people» with a score 1: 0.

Live broadcast match «real» – cska will take place on tv channels «match tv» and «match prime». The beginning of the direct ether is scheduled at 20:45 moscow time.

The crisis «real» in solari

The coming to the position of chief coach of sakeiago solary was able toam team that experienced man problems was alemege, and the team was able to win four victories in a row. However, the first serious call that solary will not receive a new zidane, also at one time led «creamy» after «castilla», ranked after defeat 3: 0 from «eibara». Matches s «valencia» and «week» only confirmed these concerns.

The madrid club mined two victories in them, but it looking unless and uninteresting. With such a game, as in the last fight against outsider la league, cska has real chances to upset «royal club» second time for drawing lch. Solari at the moment could not bring anything new to the team: «galaktikos» also bad in defense, neracted in attacks, to all of the time santiago also laws with claim.

But if «real» wants to get out of the first place, he needs to get together and binds the glasses, especially for this, it will be enough and draws.

Crisis'Real' during Solari

Only victory will allo cska to go to le

His home defeat from «victoria» in the last game, the champions league cska seriously lost its position. A couple more rounds back «army women» occupied the first place in the quartet, now they occupy the last and risk not to go out even in the europa league. At the same time, things in the domestic championship «red-blue» make shape positive. «Zenith» loses points in the rfpl, and now muscovites are lagging behind the leader of only 4 points.

Obviously, despite the current state «real» and his leaders, a trip to madrid will not be a light walk for the wards of viktor goncharenko. Madrid club is dangerous in his native stadium against any opponent. Indition, it im impossible to forget about the psychological factor. For pretty young and not yet experienceed cska ride on the legendary «santiago bernabeu» to the 13-fold winner of the chief european cup tournament – this is a test and excitement. As a result, errors can occur that will take advantage «creamy».

«Real» – cska: forecast of bookmakers on the champions league match

Bookmakers are predicted that in the match «real» – cska victory will achieve the owners. Expert quotes for this outome of events many times more than the win «army people».

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Real» madrid – 1,17;
  • Cska moscow – fourteen.0;
  • Draw – 7.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Real» madrid – one.22;
  • Cska moscow – 12.75;
  • Draw – 7.0.

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