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January 30, 2023
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Ex-striker «barcelona» and sweden national team zlatan ibrahimovichizvestine with its tough comments and jokes. This time he fell under his sight «golden ball», cristiano ronaldo and president «real».


Exactly a week has passed since the pestigious reward from france football magazine, known as «golden ball», and the passions about this will not subscribe. The prize of the best player got a midfielder of madrid «real» and the national team of croatia luke modrich. Such a decision of journalists divided football fans into two camps – «behind» and «against».

Not left aside and zlatan ibrahimovich, known for his performances for the swedish national team and such football grants like «milan», «juventus», «inter», «barcelona» and «manchester united». Swede in comments tv channel fox sports joked on the topic that all purchased florentino perez: «now we know that it was peres fought against messi».

This is a humorous statement of ibra, apparently caused a resonance not only among football fans, since at the moment the page with the original news is removed, although the statement itself is already translated by foreign media.

In every joke there may be a share of truth. In the past 5 years, players received four times «real» madrid. Until this year, ronaldo took «golden ball» two years in a row, after the transition of criaro in «juventus» the portuguese ranked second in the voting and the winner again received the victory «creamy».

Winners in voting for «golden ball» in recent years


Player name



Luka modrich

«Real» madrid


Cristiano ronaldo

«Real» madrid


Cristiano ronaldo

«Real» madrid


Lionel messi



Cristiano ronaldo

«Real» madrid

With the victory of modrich, the era of hegemony ronaldo and messi in the struggle for «golden ball». For 10 years, this reward was delivered exclusively to someone from two football players. This year, the portuguese striker on the results of the voting was in second place for the first time in three years.

Le #ballondor 2018 luka modric vous donne rendez-vous pour @francefootball… En français ????! Pic.Twitter.Com / dwrwfbjegr

— #ballondor (@francefootball)
december 4, 2018.

This summer striker moved from madrid «real» in «juventus», president of which is florentino perez. Later in an interview with ronaldo admitted that one of the reasons for his care was the differences with the head of the club. Also, the portuguese expressed the opinion that it was perez standing as he did not receive a reward as the best fifa player.

Also after the presentation ceremony «golden ball» sister ronaldo elma avaire considered the decision of journalists unfair and hinted that there were big money and mafia behind it.

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