Real Madrid Vs “Barcelona”: Forecast For 1/2 Final Of The Spanish Cup February 27

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January 31, 2022
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On wednesday, february 27, a response meeting of the 1/2 final of the king cup between «realom» and «barcelona». The first meeting ended on «camp nou» tail 1: 1.

Real Madrid VS 'Barcelona': Forecast for 1/2 Final of the Spanish Cup February 27
Content: 1. «Real» madrid 5 years did not win the cup2. «Barcelona» will be fully arms, but most importantly – to messi was3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «real» – «barcelona»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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«Real» madrid 5 years did not win the cup

Last time «real» win the cup of spain in the distant 2014 and this season is finally very close to victory. For this «creamy» need to show your best game. The last duel between the teams ended with the score of 1: 1 – this result is more profitable precisely «galaktikos». So, in the response meeting, they will arrange an account and 0: 0 due to the current ruler of the exit goal.

However, it is unlikely that everything will pass like oil. To the upcoming match, madrid is not suitable in the best form. A series of great matches against complex rivals (draw with «barcoy», victory over «atletico» and «ajax» on the road) interrupted by an unexpected defeat from «girona». Subsequent tight victory over her «levante», where both goals players «royal club» scored with a penalty, also does not convince that «real» ready for semifinal. At the same time, it is impossible to say that the madrid club is the coast of power and that rotation is to blame.

Generally «real» waiting for another heavy cut. After the response semifinals, the team will have to fight again with «barcoy» and again at home, and after that a duel with a young and bold «ajax» in lche. As santiago solary plans to stretch for these fights of strength and whether his ideas will be successful, only the upcoming matches will show.

Recently, the media appeared in the media that santiago solary could be dismissed, and jose mourinho was appointed in his place. This opportunity caused a negative reaction of the club leaders, which appealed to the ultimatum management. Read more about it – in our material.

«Barcelona» will be fully arms, but most importantly – to messi was

As if ernesto valverde neither tried to prove that he – coach who can win with «barcelona» without the active participation of lionel messi, it looks unconvincing. The last confirmation of this was the last duel «sine-grenadey» from «seville», which is traditionally very strong in its field, especially against the grande.

Idea coach play not «catalan» led to the fact that «barca» lost to a break with a score of 2: 1, and only return to the usual scheme of the game, in which the potential of the argentine is best revealed, and saved the meeting. Hat-trick messi and three points went to the piggy bank «blurranas», which continue to lead in the example and ahead «atletico» for seven points.

Photo source: russian.Rt.Com

Last meeting with «realom» leo came out only in the second half due to the fact that at that time he had not scored the form after injury. Many experts agreed that the exit of the argentine striker worked in a key negative for catalans, since after his appearance, all the players began to look for the transfers of lionel and the teamwork went to no. But all this happened because of its release along the duel, and not first. In the same semifinals it will be different.

Although this season «barca» already beaten «real» even without its leader on the field. More about defeat – here.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «real» – «barcelona»

Bookmakers in the match «real» – «barcelona» predicted with a little more likelihood of the victory of the catalan grand. However, the truly explicit favorite in this fight is not, because, despite the uncertain game, madrid will play native walls.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Real» madrid – 2.65;
  • «Barcelona» – 2.45;
  • Draw – 3.Five.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Real» madrid – 2.75;
  • «Barcelona» – 2.4;
  • Draw – 3.7.

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