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February 1, 2022
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On saturday, march 2, the central duel of the 26th round of the championship spain will be held «realom» and «barcelona». For teams, this meeting will be the third per month.

Real Madrid VS'Barcelona': forecast for March 2
Content: 1. «Real» wants to return to the championship race2. «Barcelona» will try not to miss the advantage3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «real» – «barcelona»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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Last meeting in the example ended for teams is diametrically opposite. «Blue-grenade» mined for themselves the most important victory wort participating in this match of his leader in the face of lionel messi. In its turn, «creamy» the humiliating defeat suffered, after which the team of the head coach was dismissed by holen lopegers. Of coursee, the upcoming fight will differ from the game in the capital of catalonia and even from the capital of catalonia and even from the capital of catalonia and even from two other fights that held clubs within a month in the cup, and it becomes even more interesting.

Live to see «el classico» between «realom» and «barcelona» in russia will not come out. Tv channel «match! Football 3» will show the competition in the post on the night of from from from 2 to march 3 at 00:40 moscow time.

«Real» wants to return to the championship race

In the benish championship, by the beginning of the 26th round, a clear trinity of teams who else clan claim the championship were identified «barcelona» and madrid «atletico» and «real». And despite the fact that between «creamy» and «barcoy» as many as 7 points, this advantage is played in just a few matches. Of course, the wards of solari want to flip the current order of things.

And for this the all cards in hand. «Blurranas» in the last matches do not look invincible car, experiencing serious difficulties with the complention of attacks. And if not messi, probably lost «seville». But also «creamy» far from the ideal, especially this was noticeable in the last game of the championship against «levante». Conflicts are alarmed between leager players and the lack of the club (neither gareth bale, nor karim benzema do not cope with this role).

From good news – return to the field of sergio ramos, which, despite his instability this season, still remains almost indispensable in defense. Indition, the spaniard not once personally brought the nessary result, scoring goals in the last seconds.

«Barcelona» will try not to miss the advantage

In this season «blue-grenade» far from ideal. There are excellent confirmation of two defeats and six draws in the championship, in matches with not top rivals. In addition, more and more visible «messi-dependence», as well as certain problems with explansive newcomers. Couthinho, who had to become a receiver of iniesta, could not find confidence and grope his game. On the other hand, the young and talented demobel regularly misses the entire segments of the season due to injuries and also breaks the mode.

Wherein «barca» released in the playoffs of the champions league and occupies a confident first place in the example. The reason for all in the same messi. Not joke lee: 25 goals in 25 games plus 11 assigs. Argentinian – best in all spain. One he scored like, for example, all «alaves», which goes now in the sixth place in the example.

But hope for one argentine can not: ahead is a response game with «lion» in the champions league, super cup of catalonia and a big segment of the season. At any time, he can again get injury, or it will overtake the game crisis, and therefore it is necessary to defeat.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «real» – «barcelona»

Bookmakers in the match «real» – «barcelona» do not stand out favorite. According to experts, a little better chances of winning the guests, but the difference in the coefficients is insignificant.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Real» madrid – 2.55;
  • «Barcelona» – 2.45;
  • Draw – 3.7.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Real» madrid – 2.6;
  • «Barcelona» – 2.Five;
  • Draw – 3.75.

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