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April 20, 2022
2 minutes

New patch released for red dead redemption 2, eliminated a number of errors. The most important thing – fixed a bug due to which the central character at high fps began to lose weight in weight.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Patch: Details

Rdr 2 new patch: what bugs are eliminated

Users noted that in the game, obese charactsers had a large margin of health, but they are less hardy. Sleepy worked back proportionally. In addition to the main mistake, the developers also worked for problems arising when starting a program on four- and six-core processors. Today for red dead redemption 2, a patch offering a solution to custom problems.

The list of corrected also hit the incorrect display of the cursor, which was accompanied by the start of the epic games store. Users also complained about problems with setting labels on the map. Another common mistake was a matchmaking, in which users faced incompatible types of management.

Rdr 2 the last patch also allowed to eliminate the problem of dropping graphic parameters to a minimum level and activation failures when changing equipment.

Another series of bugs that red dead redemption 2 new patch decided, was associated with departures from the game, which were accompanied by users attempts to run full-screen mode, multiplayer or weapon modification.

Players could try on themselves all charms and blunders red dead redemption 2 from october 26. Already with the launch it became a lot of complaints for departures from the game.

Recall that today half-life details can be made public: alyx.

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