Regulatory Changes And Gambling Problems In Europe Became The Main Themes Of Egs 2016

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September 7, 2022
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Ninth eastern european gaming summit (eegs), held in sofia (bulgaria) on november 22-23, became the most successful event in his entire history. The meeting was at the highest level and caused an extreme interest among representatives of the gambling industry, the organizer of egs reports.

Regulatory Changes and Gambling Problems in Europe Became The Main Themes of Egs 2016

More than 200 visitors took part in various sections and conference discussions . Reports presented more than 60 experts of the gembling market.

Chairman of the trade association of manufacturers and operators of the igor industry in bulgaria (btamogi) angel of irbozov became a forum moderator. In his opening word, irbozov noted that the gambling industry is a stable source of funds in the budget, the volumes of which exceed experations of experts, which in turn is a guarantee of the stability of development and market improvement.

Regulatory changes and problems of the industry in europe were the most discussed issues during the first day of the summit. Since there are various rules in each country, the discussion was long, but fruitful and led to the untanding of representatives of different markets. Business standards, obtaining permission to work, the process of issuing a license for developing european markets – only industry experts told about it in detail.

The representativetative of the european commission in his report acquainted the listeners with updated information regarding the directive to combat money laundering. «Before adopting the directive, the rules were implemented only in the casino. Now it applies to all segments of the industry. The directive must be implemented in all eu countries by 2017», – an expert in the field of eu right simon plantzer. Also speaker told that earlier the fight against the launering of criminal funds was the problem of national authorities. With the adoption of the directive, she began to concern all the eu.

The concepts of referring to the responsible game is hotly discussed with media representatives during the press conference.

«This becomes an even more important factor in the development of technologies. We must train employees of this area. The process will take a lot of time, but the results will be visible in the near future», – stressed rossi mackey, member of the btamogi council.

The effect of technological innovations used in the gambling industry has become theme of the next conference. The importance of multichannel strategy has been widely discussed by the forum speakers. Experts adhere to a consecration, which is for multichannel – future of the gambling industry.

Rapporteurs also told that as the online casino will grow demand for vr casino. Virtual reality attracts players with great opportits with minimal speting. Being at home, gembler can enjoy the atmosphere of the real casino, just put on glasses.

On november 23, reports relating to the trends and development of fantasy sports and cybersports, which are new segments of the gambling industry.

At the end stage of the event, representatives of global gaming women. The group’s leaders discussed not only the empowerment of women in the gambling sector, but also told about possible career problems and also shared personal stories of success and achevements in business.

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