Relax Gaming Discusses The Latest Release Of Money Cart 2 Bonus Drums

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June 8, 2022
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Relax Gaming Discusses The Latest Release Of Money Cart 2 Bonus Drums

Money cart 2 bonus drums from relax gaming, designed specifically for the british market, where the just appeared, are the latest release from the money train series. In the slot, the team from the original hit is reunited in the first gaming game in the industry, which transfers the players directly into action.

Bonus reels for the first time gaming and offers a new approach to localized content for regulated markets, such as united kingdom. If the compelling success of the 2 supplier’s money train sed light on something, it is that listening to its customers always pays off. This obvious, but the undoubtedy effective game development strategy was the driving force of the popularity of the game, and relax went even further by release cart 2.

Slot leaves behind the basic game and allows players to immediately move to action with bonus drums and theoretical rtp 98 percent. Fun occurs in a dusty, anti-dust atmosphere, with an impressive grid of 5 × 4, in which the game passes, while the atmospheric soundtrack and heavy mechanical sound effects are flawlessly combined with the gameplay. This dynamic slot offers unpredictable actions with a large winning expected every time.

Experienceed players can expect to meet familiar faces, such as payer, collector, sniper and necromancers, which raise victories, with constant characters, which, as always, rise to the step above. With character combinations, repeated rotations, free rotations and new drams that you need to unlock, this train does not stop. When all possible drams ar activated and all positions are busy, the round stops dramatically, handing 500 coins, while the maximum win is incredible 50,000 coins. Money cart 2 bonus drums offer the same exciting impressions as its predcessor, but have sevel additional turns and hoses, to again interest the fans of the original.

Simon hammon, director of relax gaming products, said:

"Players are increasingly looking for dynamic and entertainment experience, and now the games must thely expect, combined with a fascinating gameplay and mechanics that differ from traditional 5 × 3 years.
Our game design has evolved to solve this problem – at the same time, reorienting your attention to market conditions, competition, regulation and marketing strategies. Game providers need to be strongly adapted to a new landscape when the launch the product to ensure competitiveness ".

Next, he explained that to ensure success operators, it it best to focus on localized markets. Since regional markets continue to develop – and new appears – this approach will be necessary for successful integrated expansion in several jurisdictions.

"In addition, for suppliers never been so important to offer high-quality games that serve players in their native language, in accordance with local requirements and their game preferences – failure to comply with this can lead to a reduction in deposits and impede growth. . Money cart 2 bonus drums – a vivid example of commitment to this approach and what can be achieved with it, "he said.

Hammon believes an increase in demand for aggregators to support new independent studios, which have a deeper idea of ​​local markets. During increasingly saturated content, solutions are needed that provide startups quick and efficient path to the market. The result is a larger diversity of content for both operators and players.

So, relax, creating a unique content, such as money cart 2 bonus reels and book of 99 with its 99 percent rtp, in combination with the scattered content from our carefully selected third-party partners, is a good helper to continue the differentiation to which we weighting, "he added.

Source: official site relax gaming

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