Resident “Azov-City” Will Not Receive Compensation For The Closure Of Irks

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April 25, 2022
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Resident «azov city», igor zone, whose work was discontinued a year ago, will not receive compensation in the amount of 3.27 billion rubles. In the approval of the claim company «royal time» it was denied the procceedings in the arbitration court of moscow. Information about this is contained in the instance.

Resident'Azov-City' will not receive compensation for the closure of IRKS

In addition, according to the case file, the ministry of finance of the russian federation of finance of property relations of the krasnodar territory. Representatives «royal time» demanded to compensate for them 3.27 billion rubles. The basis for this was the missed benefit, as well as the incurred losess in the amount of 475.3 million rubles.

During the court, representatives of the company said that, in their opinion, the irrc was closed, the authorities ignored their obligations to residents of the gambling zone. Based on this, «royal time» had the right to declare incurred losess.

The decision of the court is based on the position of 244-fz from 29.12.2006. According to the law, the government may decide on the closure of the gambling object after 10 years from the moment of the start of the latter. «Azov city» was eliminated after 11 years from the date of opening.

In clarifying argumentation of its own decision, the court also drew the attention of the plaintiff to the fact that, as a subject of entrepreneurial activity, the latter had to fully realize possible risks, including those associated with the onset of unfavorable situation due to decision-making by state or local authorities.

Previously, the company has already filed similar claims to the court, however, due to the lack of necessary documentation, they were not considered.

However, after the elimination «azov city» the legislators have focused on the payment of compensation to investors in the event of closing or changing the boundaries of irs. Since the law was adopted after the closure of the gambling zone, on residents «azov city» it does not apply.

Recall that on february 26 of this year, llc «royal time» in court was recognized as bankrupt.

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