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April 29, 2022
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Producer resident evil 3 remake masao cavada shared first hand details. What to expect from new items, read in the material.

Resident Evil 3 Remake: News Of the Original Source
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Thanks to masao kavad, it became known that some characters will be changed in resident evil 3 remake, as well as plot elements. According to the specialist, this will allow the game to become interesting even for very experienced gamers who are familiar with the original version. So everyone will find something new in the game.

Kavada shared another important detail: capcom almost completed work on resident evil 3 remake. To facilitate fans, the game, according to the japanese, will appear in access to the previous time.

Producer also added that the success of remake surpassed the expectations and now before resident evil 3 remake is a task to multiply the result.

It also became known that the coded name for the game was eloquent – «the escape». The user will be in the permanent state of fear due to persecution, everything will be reduced to attempts to escape from the enemy.

Resident evil 3 remake: characters

According to the key accents will be made on the beauty and strength of gill, but the horror should be unail «pursuer» – nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Characters

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Producer also noted that in resident evil 3 remake 2020 there will be plenty of change. Players who managed to overcome all obstacles and get to the ending of the first version of ree 3, remembered the final, however, the will be intereted. All because in the course of the game there will be new plot turns. The most serious revision has been done with carlos. Kavada said it is not only about changing appearance, carlos turned into a completely different character.

Resident evil 3 remake 2020

The game will appear on april 3, 2020. Another pleasant bonus for players will be a component – network cooperative spin-off. According to the developers, these games are not combined with a common storyline line.

Recall that the game trailer resident evil 3 remake has already been represented.

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