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April 25, 2022
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Studio capcom shared with the audience of the state of play from sony’s first remake trailer resident evil 3. More details – in the material of the publication.

Resident Evil 3: Remake - Trailer already presented
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Resident evil 3: remake trailer

In resident evil 3 remake jill valentine was presented in attempts to get out of the zombie rakkun city epidemic. Users could also observer some members of the s.T.A.R.S and partner girls – carlos. The latter, we remind, is a representative of a special work of umbrella corporation.

The roller describes the incidents preceding the storyline resident evil 2. So, the user can move to the eve of the game events. The main character walks on the significant places of rakkun city, but on the streets of the city, the improved version of mr.X – nemesis. The task of the latter is the complete destruction of the entire personnel of the dzhill detachment. To cope with the challenge, the hero can use a variety of weapons, including the legendary bazook.

The project will contain the element project resistance – corporate assymmetric survival game. Four players will try to save the survivors by taking control of their control. And to resist them there will be one player, at his disposal trap, management «rest of the dead» and other monsters.

Resident evil 3: remake latest news

The project is scheduled for a collection edition. It will include a figurine of the main character, city map, s box.T.A.R.S, artbook. In the case of a pre-order, users can get nice bonuses – classic dressing dzhill and her partner.

Recall that last year resident evil was banned for use by citizens of saudi arabia.

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