Results 3d Print Expo 2019: Thematic Lecture, Master Classes And New Industry

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April 13, 2022
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October 4-5, smile expo spent the seventh exhibition 3d printing and scanning – 3d print expo. The event collected more than one and a half thousand visitors, including representatives of government agencies. Master classes were key to the development of additive technologies and thematic lectures, where industry experts were performed.

Results 3D Print Expo 2019: Thematic Lecture, Master Classes and New Industry
Content: 1. Thematic lecturing: maximum informative. Master classes on 3d printing3. Exhosone and the best starting of the industry4. Organizers and partners

Thematic lecturing: maximum informative

3d print expo specialists from industry companies (siemens, «eurotech», «rena solyushinis»), as well as from the areas of medicine, rights and jewelry. Modirized the associate professor of the moscow polytechnic university mikhail petrov.

Oleg chizh from siemens nx am told guests an event about innovative solutions for the industrialization of additive production. Head of the laboratory of additive technologies fgbu «pfmins» ministry of health of the russian federation roman gorbatov led statistics on the use of 3d technology in russian medicine.

Thematic lecturing: maximum informative

The event passed two round tables, on one of which experts considered the topic «examples of modeling 3d printing and topological design technologies». The second discussion was devoted to the issue «cae for additive technologies: market solutions for the future». Representatives of state corporations participated in it «rusat», «skolkovo» and ao «osk».

3d print master classes

Traditional master classes were held at the exhibition, the participants of which were mastered 3d printing and scanning in practice. Classes were conducted both for beginners and experienced users. This year also held a new master class on working on cnc machines and 3d printing.

3D print master classes

In addition, who wanted to participate in free drawing practices with 3d handles from the jer 3d pen manufacturer, programming on python 3, lego assembly and robotics.

Practical classes conducted specialists from companies roland dg and picaso 3d, jer 3d pen, polycent.Ru and school programming «gecko».

The exhibitor and the best startups of the industry

The exhibitor and the best startups of the industry

Pitch sessions of russian startups from the sphere of 3d-technologies took place on 3d print expo. Diploma «unique project of the year» received z-bolt, which manufactures smart 3d printers. Best «an innovative project of the year» steel-producer stereotech.

Domestic and foreign companies: prusa research (czech republic), jer 3d pen (china), «dipole», fdplast, data group, kbsm, siu system, cadfem, kugel, cvetmir3d, qbed, sunlitt and college of modern technologies.

Organizers and partners

Organizers and partners

The exhibition held an international company smile-expo, which specializes in organizing innovation events. The general media partners were 3dtoday, geekpicnic and tproger portals.

The exhibition once again showed that in russia an interest in additive technologies is growing: 3d printing is used in private business and industrial enterprises, new solutions appear on the market, and consumables become more affordable.

The eighth 3d print expo will be held in 2020, follow the news on the site 3d-expo.Ru.

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