Results Of Putin’S Conference: Wada Should Not Punish Pure Athletes

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April 26, 2022
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Present vladimir putin again commented on the doping scandal and the decision of wada on the removal of russian athletes. Read more in material.

Results of Putin's Conference: Wada Should Not Punish Pure Athletes

Putin’s press conference did not cost without a sports

The annual press conferenceness of the president of the russian federation vladir’s putin touched upon a number of issues important for the country: edits to the constitution, the impeachment of trump, the union with belarus and t. D. Not without a burning sport theme. For the first time, the head of state respondd to wada decision during a meeting of a press conference in paris. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

Some theses vladimir putin repeated this time. He still believees that the decision of the world anti-doping agency contradicts the olympic charter and the punishment should not be distributed on all athletes. In other words: if you punish, then only guilty. As an examples, the president remembered the successes of russian figure skaters who jump quadruple jumps, but absolutely «clean».

We advise you to read our article on the results of the final of the grand prix of figure skating, where women singing from russia took the whole pedestal.

According to putin, the decision of the agency is not just unfair, it is compleyly contrary to common sense and international law. The pressident assured that the government does everything possible to the sport be honest.

During the big press conference, vladimir putin commented on the decision of the wada against russian sports. The president considers it unfair, not relevant common sense and right: https: // t.Co / eut6mdqzak

video: tass / ruptly pic.Twitter.Com / fpwrvt6fno

— tass (@tass_agency)
december 19, 2019

Recall that on december 9, the international anti-doping agency adopted a resonant decision to remove russia from participating in major international tournaments. Athletes are flag, the right to a neutral flag will receive elected athletes, russia will pay a fine, and officials will pay a ban on visiting events.

This news caused a wave of indignation from famous russian athletes, associations and associations. For three weeks after deciding, russia has the right to appeal.

Earlier, we wrote about the scandal, which arose due to the suspension of alina of the gaga of his career.

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