Results Of The Draw Grand Prix Of Figure Skating 2019 (Women)

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April 22, 2022
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Tomorrow, on december 5, a short program in the final of the grand prix will present women singles. Today there was a traditional training and a draw, which cost without the participation of russian athletes. Why it happened and who will start tomorrow – in our material.

Results of the draw Grand Prix of figure skating 2019 (women)

Final grand prix: training took place without russians, the reason – airplane

The final of the grand prix in turin will be held with the participation of four russian figure skaters at once: alina zagitova, anna shcherbakova, alexandra pouches and alena cross. But today, none of them could arrive on time in turin and conduct training, as well as to participate in a traditional draw. The reason was told in the comments tass president ffkkr alexander gorshkov. It’s all about the flight athletes flying, coaching staff and representatives of the federation. The time of their arrival elementary did not allow to catch the planned isu events.

We advise you to read our material about the upcoming isu skating awards award ceremony, in which the international skating union will present award in different nominations.

As a result, the draw of the short program passed without the participation of athletes. First to present your kp alain costor. Clear the six finalists alina zagitova. The full list is as follows.

The full list is as follows

But worry that athletes will not be able to try out the ice before the performance, do not. Despite the fact that the final finale starts tomorrow, on december 5, their kp women will show on saturday. On friday, they will have the opportunity to feel the ice during the second training session.

Your speech in the final will begin juniors, small men and couples. The full schedule looks like this (information is taken from the official isu website, the time is indicated local):

The full schedule looks like so

Read a detailed overview of the upcoming finals with the final list of participants in our material.

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