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March 4, 2022
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Within the framework of the world series of poker, the massive tournament called big 50, whose participants were more than 25 thousand. Players. Ukrainian poker officer alexander dovzhenko found himself at the final table of gambling horse competition.

Results of the Massive Tournament in Poker History

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Competitions in the framework of the world series of poker, which is held in las vegas, lasts more thank. Participants have established an impressive record that will enther the story of the world popular gambling in the world. As part of the big 50 special tournament with a buy-in $ 500, which was dedicated to the 50-year anniversary of the series, took part 25 371 players.

In the prize fund of the tournament turned out to be a round sum of $ 13 million, and the winner of femi fashakin received $ 1,100,000. It significant that for the entire poker career, the american earned only $ 60,000.

In parallel with the massive event, two more tournaments were held. Horse competition, the buy-in which amounted to $ 1500, was marked by the participation of one of the most successful players of ukraine in poker evgeny kachaline. In the ukrainian’s account, one wsop bracelet is already listed, but this time the prizes escaped from the hands of pecherist. But his compatriot, alexander dovzhenko, took the place at the final table and finished the sixth.

Unlimited holding turnament also did not cost who fell into the prize zone. Vadim schlez took the 15th line, and paul a bill got 25th place. The total number of participants in the tournament amounted to 1832 people and bai-in cost $ 1500.

The largest winnings of americans daniel strelitz, whose account turned out to be $ 442,000.

The poker event will last until june 16.

Recall that tournament no. 18 wsop collected the composition of the most titled poker.

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