Revenue From The Segment Of Slot Machines In The Czech Republic Declined

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March 4, 2022
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Revenue from regulated gambling in the czech republic in 2018 fell by 21.3% to 31.3 billion czech crowns (£one.1 billion / €one.2 billion / $ 1.4 billion). At the same time, the gaming machine segment is largely declared.

Revenue from the segment of slot machines in the czech republic declined

Players across the country made rates a total of 249.4 billion czech crowns on all products, which is 11.3% more than in 2017. At the same time, the won 218.2 billion czech crowns, according to the data provided by the general directorate of the finance of the czech republic.

Proceeds from slot machines in czech gambling establishments fell by 39.3% to 14.8 billion czech crowns. Income from slot machines in ground casinos fel by 42.4% to 12.9 billion czech crowns, and from online casino – 4.8% to 1.9 billion czech crowns.

According to experts, this is the result of introducing strict control over what bonuses ground gambling halls can offe players. In march 2018, it was decided to tighten the rules for identifying and registering customers, requiring all casinos to check the age and identity of all potential players.

Revenues from other casino products, such as live games, according to the data preenented, increased by 8.0% to 2.3 billion czech crowns, which is due to high revenue in ground casinos. Online income amounted to 175.1 million czech crowns compared with 119.5 million czech crowns obtained in 2017.

Lottery revenue increased by 13.8% to 6.7 billion kroons, which was due to high retail indicators. In the online lottery, which was legalized from january 2017, the revenue increased by 78.0% year in annual terms to 670.6 million kroons.

Meanwhile, revenue from sports rates with fixed coefficients increased by 2% to 7.6 billion czech crowns. Most of it (84.3%) was obtained from the online sector. At the same time, the income of the ground bookmakers decreased slightly – up to 1.2 billion czech crowns.

Income from tote, which are available only in land points, grew almost twice and reached 4.7 million czech crowns. Bingo revenue decreased to 7.4 million czech crowns.

As a result of reducing income from slot machines, for which operators pay 35% of tax on gross income, the state tax revenues from the industry fell by 20.3% compared with last year to 9.7 billion czech crowns.

Recall: from january 2020, gambling taxes will be increased in the czech republic.

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