Revenue Of The Swedish Gembling Industry Decreased In The Third Quarter

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April 15, 2022
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According to the swedish gambling regulator, revenue from online operations decreased by 3.4% in the third quarter of 2019.

Revenue of the Swedish gembling industry decreased in the third quarter

Income from the online segment amounted to 3.35 billion swedish crowns ($ 344.4 million). The second quarter of the current year – 3.47 billion swedish crowns, and in early 2019 operators stated a profit in the amount of 3.42 billion swedish crowns.

More than no data, the gambling regulator did not disclose, giving a promise that soon the full quarter of the work and financial results of the industry will be granted a full quarter.

However, a number of gembling companies employed in the swedish gambling market have already confirmed the reduction of revenue in the third quarter. So, the quarterly income of betsson decreased by 10.6% (1.28 billion swedish crowns). Reduced indicators in scandinavian countries by 28.7% (476.7 million swedish crowns) the operator connects to the tightening rules of work in the swedish market.

The executive director of netent teresa hillman confirmed a disappointing tendency, stating the reduction of the company’s profits by 1.3% – up to 437.4 million swedish crowns.

Teresa Hillman confirmed a disappointing tendency

Unibet kindred group executive director henrik turnstrom noted that the difficulties of overtakers in the swedish market continue to be negatively affected by operators’ incomes. In addition, it becomes more difficult to attract users.

Did not avoid negative impact and the former gambling monopoly – svenska spel, the revenue of which in the third quarter amounted to 4.6 billion swedish crowns. At the same time, the executive director of patrick hofbauer said that the company is amazed by the conditions of a new competitive environment.

The gambling operator ran into criticism from licensed market participants. The main problem, in their opinion, is the fuzziness of the established rules. The controlling body, in turn, sees the reasons for reducing income enterprises in the fact that they have not yet settled in the new market.

Recall that the swedish gambling regulator called on the efforts of industry representatives around ensuring the protection of minors.

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