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August 23, 2022
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October 27, the city of sochi will host a gambling and entertainment exhibition-forum rgw sochi, dedicated to key issues of development and prospects for irs «krasnaya polyana» on the territory of the ski resort «gorki city». The seectoal event will be held wild will will wild wild wild wild wild will city administration, the organizer of the smile-expo event reports.

RGW Sochi Will Pass With The Support of The Sochi Administration

Sectoral experts, developers, operators, investors and legislators will be gather on the business platform. They will discuss key questions regarding the maintenance of gambling activities in irks «krasnaya polyana», plans for implementations of projects, gembling operators, which will operate on the territory of the gambling zone, opportunities for bookmakers and others.

At the conference, speakers will raise such topics:

  • Prospects for the development of the gambling industry in russia;
  • Legislative base of gambling business: changes / innovations / project plans;
  • Licensing of rates operators in russia;
  • Prospects for profit from sochi irskz to the budget of the country and the gambling market as a whole;
  • Development of infrastructure gk «gorki city» as part of the creation of gambling zone.

Speakers on examples will demonstrate what should be the gembling projects that the results exceed expections. Within the framework of the conference, the speakers will also talk about the main competitor of the sochi gambling zone – irskz «azov city».

Note: demoson will be organized at rgw sochi, will submit the leading igaming products providers will submit their developments, will be able to advise guests regarding the use of software, as well as offer exclusive solutions within partnership agreements.

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