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April 14, 2022
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Richard Carter Will Be The Ceo Of Brag Gaming

The founder of adam arviv transmits the management of online games to one of the most famous general directors in the world of online games.

Bragg gaming group, the parent company oryx gaming announced that the founder and temporary general director adam arviv appointed richard carter to the the post of bragg gaming director general from may 1, 2021.

Mr. Arviv is the founder of the bragg and remains one of the largest shareholders of the company. In early 2020, disappointed with the negative consequences of continuing insufficient performance and errors for the value of the company’s shares, mr. Arviv decided to take on the role of an activist in the company and in septerber 2020, filed the board of directors to appoint himo to the position of director general. At that time, the company traded about 30 canadian dollars, with a market capitalization of 19.5 million canadian dollars and a debt of $ 50 million.

Mr. Arviv took a job as chairman of the board of the gaming industry of the gead of the gaming industry of richard carter. Mr. Arviv led the negotiations and settlement of the team to attract 58 million canadian dollarsion, including the forced conversion of all orders. Now, having a strong balance with a constant positive cash flow and a lack of debt, bragg gaming group recently switched from the tsx venture exchange on toronto stock exchange.

"We have achieved significant progress in achieving our strategic goals in recent months, and richard is the perfect person to implement our plans to expand our current market abroad and active promotion to the us market," said mr. Arviv. "Richard is a recognized authority in the online sports and casino industry and has established itself as helping to launch sbtech in the us market to the successful sale draftkings. We work together to make the necessary adjustments, turning bragg in a large player.

"I am pleased to head bragg in our mission – to become a significant force in the b2b game space," answered mr. Carter. "2020 was very successful for the company and we have good opportunities to preserve this dynamics in 2021 and in the subsequent period. We will continue to grow and expanding the business at our main european markets, at the same time begin to accelerate our investment and focus on the fast-growing north american market igaming. Now the right time to enter this market, and we look forward to the appearance on the market of our advanced technologies, analytikal data and exclusive game content for casino ».

Before entering the board of directors of bragg, richard carter over the past five years held the position of ceo of sbtech, offering solutions for interactive sports rates, and before the merger of the company with draftkings engaged in digital sports entertainment and games, through a triangular deal. With diamond. Eagle acquisition corp. In april 2020. The transaction was estimated at 3.3 billion us dollars, and the current market capitalization of the united companies is $ 27.5 billion.

"On behalf of richard and other members of the board of directors, i would like to thank adam for his constant commitment to bragg," said the member of the bragg board paulick. "As the founder and the largest strategic investor of the company, adam joined the post of general director and to date, led the bragg transformation. Now he transfers a company that has all the opportunities for victory under the direction of richard carter. Adam will continue his work as the chief adviser to the board of directors and the director-general.

Source: official site oryx gaming

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