Ricky Kihira’S Injury Will Help The Gravity And Medvedev To Win World Cup

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February 7, 2022
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Yesterday, the media was actively replicated the news that the winner of the championship of the grand prix and the championship of the four continents of rickira twice fell during training. Today the reason for these falls has become more understandable – increased injury.

Ricky Kihira's Injury Will Help The Gravity and Medvedev to Win World Cup

Japanese figure skater spends truly fantastic season – victory in all international forums in which she took part. But the main – gold medal final grand prix and championship of four continents. Winning at the world championships will make her first athlete in history, received «triple crown» in figure skating, which consists of fgp, ccc and fm. Where else and when to do it, as not right, in native to kijira japan?

About the achievements of kijira, skill and trumps that she could prepare for the world championship we wrote in a separate material.

But, apparently, «simply» will not work. Yesterday, during training rental, the japanese fell twice. First could not cope with triple lutz, and then with rittberger. Of course, it’s only training and an athlete could simply not get together and not tune in to the jump, however it is worth noting that rica – from those who allow minimal errors. The very likely cause of these falls is injury.

Unbeaten in the senior category, rika kihira will be skating for the first triple crown (gpf 4cc worlds) in ladies history.

She hasn’t fully recovered from her injury of the left ring finger during 4cc, and still has a finger cast on. Https: // t.Co / qwgxod4uv4

— obi @ worlds (@ 0409_obi)
march 19, 2019.

In his interview with japanese sports hochi kihira, he said that he came to the world championship with an inconsistent injury of the nameless finger on her left leg. The figure skater got damage to the championship of the four continents and did not have time to restore the end, but the desire to defeat and thereby enter the story took the top.


Kijira’s injury fully eliminates the likelihood that fans will see the fourth jumps on this forum, the main weapon of the japanese will become triple axel. And it is important for her purely to fulfill it. Otherwise, the chances of russian women grow noticeably.

For example, according to the results of training, evgenia medvedev, all times rolled back clean, having done all the planned jumps. Purely rolled out sophia samorav. The same, unfortunately, can not be said about alina zagitova. The champion of the olympic games made a fall during the execution of triple rittberger. It is worth noting that in many respects the nerves caused alina’s failures in the last large tournaments.

About the arrival at the 2019 world cup and the first training day of medvedeva we wrote in a special article.

Will the japanese deal with an injury on his main forum in a rapid career, will the errors allow and whether russian figure skaters will take advantage of them, it will become clear tomorrow, march 20.

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