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April 29, 2022
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The cost of bitcoin increased by 6% and amounted to more than 8 thousand. The growth of bitcoin was recorded for the first time from december 18 last year.

Rising Bitcoin Course: Latest News

Positive data were marked on tuesday, january 7. Then the cryptocurrency asset teded at $ 8021. According to experts, the growth of bitcoin per day amounted to 5.7%. The result described above has become the best lately.

Growth of the price of bitcoin contributed to the rise of its market capitalization. The latter was $ 145 billion, which is 66.86% of the overall indicator of the electronic currency market. The best result of bitcoin was capitalization of $ 241.2 billion.

Experts emphasize that over the past 10 days the assessment of the asset is determined within the gained-pct. It was also noted that the volume of cryptocurrencies amount to $ 26.7 billion, which, in turn, corresponds to 30.95% of the market. Electronic currency traded ranging from $ 6884 to $ 8022.

Despite the favorable dynamics, jerk and price growth of bitcoin, to peak values ​​recorded in 2017, still far. Then the price of cryptocurrencies amounted to $ 19.8 thouusand.

Recall that analysts called investments in bitcoin the most successful decision over the past 10 years.

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