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June 16, 2022
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According to the expert, any gambling zone of the russian federation has permane risks to be closed, and only the government chairman or depputies of the state duma can talk about the foundations of the decision. Experience irkz «azov city», existed for more than 10 years, shows that the state can take a spaate law to eliminate without further compensation payments.


It is known that by decision of the ministry of finance of the russian federation, a draft law was published, where he was proposed to remove the ambiguous interpretation of the concept «real damage», according to which gambling operators shold receive compensation in case of their liquidation. According to the need to adopt this law demonstrates the desire to reduce the possible costs of state budgets of any levels.

Dmitry anfinogenov, director of the development of gambling zone «krasnaya polyana», also expressed my opinion on this. According to conditions in which it will be able to protect themselves from unnecessary spending in the form of compensation and benefits, but at the sam time give business conditions for functioning is logical.

The expert notes that the real losess of investors in the gambling zone are not easy, and the gambling zone are not a one-time investment in a separate institition in order to receive dividends from this, but a permanent and systematic reinvestment in long-term development.

By the way, we recently wrote that gambling zone «primorye» shold bring 6.9 billion rubles to the budget.

Also, according to dmitry, the risks of closing a kind of gambling zone, especially after ten years, when the losses of investors and the organizers can reimburse, there are always. Answering the question of the premises of the elimination of ircs, the expert identified various reasons, but in terms of legislative regulation, only the decision of the government or the adoption of the reevant federal law may be a reason (st. 1, 7.One. And 7.3 244-fz), as it was in the case of a gambling zone «azov city», which was liquidated by a separate law on amending 244-fz. Only the government chairman or duties of the state duma can talk about the foundations for closure.

Dmitry Anfinogen

In the event of the liquidation of irks «azov city» a separate law was adopted specifically to eliminate the possibility of obtaining monetary compensation by the operator at the expense of the budget:

«Since a sectial indication of the law is for the gambling zone “azov city” specified art. 7.2. 244-fz become valid immediately after its publication, and the gambling zone of de-yura and de facto existed for more than 10 years, in the damages of the casino owner “oracle” ooo “royal time group” it was legitimate to be denied, which is confirmed by the relevant decision of the arbitration court. Moscow in case number a40-309437 / 2018».

However, the director for the development of irks «krasnaya polyana» noted that the investor, deprived of business, which existed no longer than 10 years, receivesation on the basis of. 7.3. 244-fz in the amount of real damage due to the federal budget (st. 7.3, 7.4. 244-fz).

«The procedure for determining the real damage in this case has more applied importance, since will any editorial board of these articles of the law will not allow full compensation for investor losses, at least even in terms of missed benefits», – summarizes dmitry.

Recall, according to the expert, during a quarantine key audience of irks «amber» not changed.

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