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April 4, 2022
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Rivalo Integrated Betbooster From Lvision

The south american bookmaker rivalo integrated betbooster, tools for stimulating rates based on lvision. Rivalo paved the way for the deeper involvement of players and receiving additional income, integrating the product to their bookmakers in spanish and portuguese.

Betbooster, present as a widget or channel of sports data, provides bookmakers with a fully automated tool of sports analytics based on data based on historical data, real intelligence, covering both pre-aromatic and game markets.

According to lvision, rivalo markets will be supported by a complex tool for stimulating rates, which can provide "an araseage of 20 million unique analytical data per year".

Betbooster covers the entire spectrum of sports, including tennis, football, basketball and professional american sports, which will soon be added in 2021.

 "In rivalo, we are always looking for something new, and betbooster from lvision falls into this category. His impressive ai attaches statistics a completely new meaning, turning it’s into valuable information for our players, and the results begin to manifest themselves from the first day of activation. And integration, and the adaptation of the betbooser passed very easily ",

– alvaro mosseur said, director rivalo colombia.

Innovative studio sports rates lvision continued the confident start of trafficking until 2021, recently announced the exclusive betbooster agreement with sts – the largest parking lot operator for sport poland.

Lvision services include various products for stimulating rates, such as high-quality live broadcasts, visualization of sports, prospons markets for tennis players and re-visualization of historical tennis matches to the new round-the-clock content.

Ido lazar, founder and general director lvision, said:

"We are pleased to sign a contract with rivalo, a fast-growing brand in some important markets. Betbooster significantly imprives both the operator’s proposals and players experience, and proved that it brings additional profits

Lvision is the only provider that can offer such a level of depth and detail, automated sports analyst, as well as unique interaction and moneytization opportunities. ".

Source: edition sbc news

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