Roger Federer Got Under The Wave Of Criticism Of The Ecoactivist

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April 29, 2022
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One of the most titled masters in tennis history roger federer became the goal of criticizing environmental activists led by greta tunberg. For that the swiss has undergone information attack – in our material.

Roger Federer Got Under the Wave of Criticism of the Ecoactivist

Swiss federer was criticized for the support of the swiss bank

After events related to fires in australia, few people have doubts about the fact that our planet is in danger. If this understanding add huge islands with plastic in the world ocean, it can easily join the green and ecoactivist party. As you know, switzerland – one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Her legislation is arranged in such a way as to maximize the intermery of residents and nature.

But belonging to this country does not guarantee complete immunity from the attacks of environmental activists. So, the famous tennis player roger federer was criticized by the popularity of the young ecoactivist greta tunberg. 17-year-old swede made repost that the swiss bank credit suisse allocated $ 57 billion from its budget to various companies whose activities are to find new fossil fuel deposits (i.E. Oil and gas). The post was accompanied by hesteg #rogerwakeupnow (from english. «Roger wake up now»).

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Roger Federer

Roger and appeal to it turned out to be in this text. The thing is that federer is a partner of this bank. Credit suisse – the second largest financial holding in switzerland, which leads its history since 1856. Being a partner of such a company, of course, honorable and profitable. But activists believe that roger should break the relationship with him. While the comment from the tennis player was not there. At the same time, it is hard to believe that the activists of hashtags and pickets will somehow affect their cooperation.

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Recall that, in addition to sports activities, roger federer is actively engaged in charity and popularize a healthy lifestyle. In turn, greta tunberg was recognized «man of the year» according to time magazine after its bright performances on the topic of ecology.

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