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February 8, 2022
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Roger Rategever

Providers began to actively flourish in the 90s – new companies will turn into giants of the giant industry in a few years. Among thatm, the honorable place occupies microgaming. For the success of the provider in many ways, one person is responsible – roger rategever. The willingness to take risk in symbosis with an innovative approach gave the market for dozens of fascinating slots.

Name roger rategever
date of birth july 6, 1970
place of birth stellenbos, south africa


Roger was born in a big family – he has 6 sisters. Father grown grapes on the outskirts of the city. And mother worked in a local cafe every weekend.

At an early age, parents vaccinated the boy love for labor. At the age of 14, roger has already worked in a cafe. Every night after closing within 2 hours he washed floors, removed in the kitchen and repaired chairs. A little later it was raised to the waiter. About 50 hours a week he took and endured orders to guests.

Friendly roger manifested in school. In natalian university, his middle score has never sink below 4.

Rat race

Before destination in microgaming roger rapidly rose from the student to the head. Often changed the place of work:

  • In 1992, the student is arranged in an intern in the audit company david strachan & tayler. After 3 years, he received a guiding position there.
  • In 1997, a young specialist entrusted to manage aspen health care – a private medical company.
  • In 1998 roger answered finances in the south african restaurant group king consolidated.
  • In 1999 he became a consultant. Managed corporate finance in absa bank.

Adrenaline addict

Microgaming – private company. Therefore, its structure remains hidden from the public. Find out the details at the expense of a few interviews with employees.

According to rumors, martin martin was one of the founders of the provider. He created microgaming in 1994. But the company experienced no better times. In the late 90s, she was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Therefore, martin took a loan. At that moment, roger was just engaged in lending to the bank of south africa. He provided martin’s loan, having got a ticket to the gambling industry.

"I participated in rat runs, working in banking. And thought it was a great opportunity. I had very little knowledge [about the gambling industry]. But for me there were all elements of azart. I am an adrenaline addict. I want to use every opportunity and suck everything out of it. ". Roger rategever

From scratch

In 2001 microgaming moves to the isle of man. At this point, the post of the director-general gets roger rategevere. He was coming first to clear the company name.

In the 90s, dishonest slots manufacturers seriously ruined the reputation of conscientious providers. And the players reluctantly trusted machine guns on the internet.

To correct the situation, roger began to cooperate with competitors in the market. Microgaming becomes part of the interactive games council (igc).

This is a non-profit organization. She is engaged in market regulation. To join igc, the operator must conquer confidence with the help of an honest game and a fair attitude to users.

"First of all, surround yourself with good people – listen and appreciate them. Never underestimate the importance of your team ". Roger rategever

In 2002, at the initiative of microgaming, the health and care trust foundation appears to support charitable organizations on the island of maine. During the work, the provider donated him more than £ 700 thousand.

In 2003, the ecogra regulator arises. The new organization checks the honesty and safety of gambling online. After testing products get quality certificate.

In 2006, the united states has changed legislation to combat illegal online rates. Banks were forbidden to conduct operations related to illegal casino.

Part of the operators continued to receive customers with the united states. But microgaming ruined contracts with them. It negatively affected the income of the provider in the first years. But later he managed to strengthen its position in europe and asia.

Microgaming products used ladbrokes, spin palace and 32red. By 2012, the provider began to serve 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms.

Successful adventure

The first serious success came due to the collaboration. Microgaming one of the first created slot machines with popular films and comics characters.

In 2004, a tomb raider slot appears. Graphics similar to comics attracted an audience that previously never fond of bets. Provider operated other franchises. Over time, microgaming has released such popular slots:

  • Hitman.
  • Game of thrones.
  • Scrooge.
  • Bridesmaids.

While competitors adopted the experience and also produced tiallas together with other brands, microgaming remained a step ahead. In 2000, providers mostly did in automata to 50 lines for payments. In 2008, microgaming decided to increase this number up to 100.

The most success brought the gaming machine moolah with the progressive jackpot system. Roger understood that the increase in the prize fund is a good stimulus for regular rates. In addition, profile media are always written about major winnings. And this is free advertising.

The mega moolah slot machine hit the guinness book of records

Reliable foundation

Before his departure from the post of director general, roger provided a bright future provider. Inside the company has a project idea factory.

Any employee can offer an itea for a slot. If it is accepted by management and will be successful, the author will receive a generous remuneration.

In 2017, the profit of microgaming will exceed $ 1 billion over the year.

Competition idea factory is held every 6 monhs. Initially, participants offered new slots. But later the concept has changed. Microgaming welcomes any ideas associated with technologies, culture and products. Every time the compettion is chosen to 5 winners.

In june 2018 roger left the microgaming director general. In this position he worked 17 years to 70 hours a week. He continues to participate in the development of the provider. But already as a chairman. Microgaming intends to continue to stay a private company – the owners are not yet ready to disclose their names.

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