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July 15, 2022
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Idea, knowledge and opportunity – three components of success. However, they do not always imply legitimate earnings. Our hero – ron harris – perfectly disassembled in computers. He used his skills at all to create new services, but for hacking slot machines. A couple of years ron successfully robbed a casino for large sums.

Innal name dale harris
date of birthjune 3, 1956
place of birthusa

Exemplary programmer

Ron harris never attracted excessive attention to himself, so almost nothing knows about his youth. In student years, he became interesting in programming. Computers – the only thing that interested the young man. Ron turned out to be so good programmer that he was noted at the council of nevada on the control of games.

Young specialist provided full access. He had to check each automatic that was going to establish in nevada. The council did not suspect that the would give all the "cards" of ron for the scam.

In step from the scam

Ron harris can not be called a gambling person. He could be caught in a casino at work, but not by making a concealment of coins in a slot machine.

At that time, most slots used eprom chips. The main feature of such devices was to remove and write the code again. This vulnerability took advantage of ron to reset the slot machines.

Eprom microcircuit in slots of the 90s

Programmer has developed a simple and efficient earnings algorithm. He forced sevel slots to produce jackpots if the player made deposit in a certain sequence. By the time of scam, ron harris achieved a good position in the council. No one doubted the integrity of the employee, so his work was not controlled.

Ron harris reprogrammed more than 30 slots, which were intended for las vegas casino.

Duet cheaters

Harris needed to act extremely carefully. Since he worked in the council, a major winnings in the slots immediately could attract the attention not only to the casino managers, but also his bosses. To embody a brilliant plan, he had to take a partner. The choice fell on the old friend reed mcnela.

From 1993 to 1995, the accomplices successfully won hundreds of thouusands of dollars. Exact figures are unknown, because fraudsters managed to stay unnoticed. Ron harris did not stop on the achieved and began to enter the new plan.

In pursuit of "zhuravlem in the sky"

In the 90th generators of random numbers had limitations. Their work was based on the previous result – if you know the principles of the constituted to guess the outcome of the next draw. Indition to setting up ron harris, also engaged in developing keno programs.

The idea was easier than the previous. Ron copied the generator code to his computer. He was enough to istroduce the results of the last draw, so that with the most likely to guess the following prize numbers. To test your theory, he together with a companion went to atlantic city.

Fatural $ 100 thousand.

Early in the morning ron harris, together with reed, mcneal found themselves in bally’s atlantic city casino hotel. The programmer was undesirable to glow on people. For this reason, most of the time he sat in the room. Harris was enough to indicate the companion 10 of the most likely winning combinations in keno.

Reed mcneill descended into the casino and bought 10 tickets worth $ 100. One of them turned out to be winning and brought the owner of $ 100 thousand – the probability was 1 to 230,000. Casino employees assumed that keno is entertainment for good luck, so the frauds were excluded. However, two things played against reed:

  • It was a record amount of prizes in keno in atlantic city. According to the laws of new jersey, any jackpot above $ 35,000 is checked by the state unit.
  • Emotions of reed mcnela differed from the reaction of other winners. He also began to demand cash, although the casino in such cases is more often paid a check.


First, the security service trid to establish the identity of the winner. Reed refused to provide a certificate, so after a few hours the winner already communicated with the police. After conversation, law enforcement officers went to the room where ron was located. They had no reason to delay the programmer, so he was able to leave the casino.

After his care, the police began to more carefully inspect the number. At first the found a computer and after and sevel schemes written by hand. Mcneill could not explain how the program works and what notes mean. Then the puzzle began to develop. When the identity of the accomplice was installed, he was announced wanted.

Ron harris was clearly not ready for escape. Instead of finding a safe place, he tried to get home as quickly as possible – the police had alady been waiting for him in las vegas. At the first steps, the ladder was handcuffed.

In 1998, ron harris confessed to the frauds for which he was sentenced to 7 years of conclusion. Mcneill escaped arrest due to cooperation with the investigation.

Both funerals added to the blacklist of nevada – hacker and his accomplice will never let go to the slots in las vegas

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