Ronaldo Appeared In The Festive Cartoon (Video)

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January 10, 2022
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Cristiano ronaldo appeared in an animated image on the official fc page «juventus» in instagram. Roller is dedicated to the new achievement of the turin club.

Ronaldo Appeared In The Festive Cartoon (Video)

«Juventus» until now, not a single match in the series. Moreover, the club only finished the match in a draw. Experts are already confident that «zebras» will be won 35 scuds in its history and have great chances to win the champions league. The latter is also associated with the coming to the team of the fivefold owner «golden ball» cristiano ronaldo.

The portuguese won the chief european cup with two teams: «manchester united» (1) and «real» madrid (4). Ronaldo, speaking for «royal club», became the main culprit of the departure of the touris.

However, with the arrival of cristiano in «juventus» italian club hits not only sports records. Yesterday on the official page in instagram, an animated video appeared, stylized under the old game on nintendo about the mario brothers. In it, ronaldo collects subscribers, comments and huskies, and at the end there is an inscription reporting that now on the page «juventus» signed 20 million users.

The role of ronaldo in the increased interest of internet users to the club is indisputable. At the moment, the portuguese – the most popular person in this social network – 148 million. However, it is worth noting that the ex-club criro is still bypassed its current current. To the page «real» signed 66.7 million people.

Nearest match «juventus» will be held on saturday, december 22. Rival «zebr» will be «roma».

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