Ronaldo In Anger Struck Harm To His Teammate (Video)

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January 25, 2022
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The 23rd tour for the leaders of the series a and personally, cristiano ronaldo was a success: first, «juventus» i was able to win for the first time in three matches, and secondly, the portuguese headed the racing of the scorer. But there was another unexpected episode in this match with criro.

Ronaldo in anger struck harm to his teammate (video)

Photo source: sovsport.Ru

Victory «juventus» in the championship of italy, no one is no longer surprised, seven scandalo in a row to that bright confirmation. Understanding that the cup will come again «zebram», leads to the fact that experts after several fights in the new season automatically give the club from turin and concentrate on the speech of the team in the eurocup. However, the loss of three central defenders at once (they added the fourth – benatia sold in qatar) strongly hit «juve». As a result – the club flew out of the cup from «atalants» and played a draw with «parma», winning in the course of the meeting 3: 0.

Ronaldo began to save the situation – yet for this they bought it from «real» for more than €100 million. In a fight against «sassuolo» forward marked with a goal and assist on emre jana. But opened the account another player – hedira themselves. In addition to joy from the clogged ball, the german had to soon experience pain from the indignation of cristiano ronaldo.

Everything happened on the 62nd minuyance because of the ball getting into his hand, he wanted to send the ball to the stands in his hand, but got straight in hemed. Bunch of criro literally demolished football player with legs. Fortunately, he could soon climb and continue the game.

Ronaldo absolutely destroys khedira ???????? Pic.Twitter.Com / ncuerlidel

— chris #fpl ???? (@fpl_fc)
february 10, 2019.

But the german midfielder is not offnded. Ronaldo 10 minutes after this incident celebrated his goal, and hedir congratulated him.

Khedira celebrates his goal with cristiano.Pic.Twitter.Com / sumrhu4ctx

— cristiano ronaldo (@teamcronaldo)
february 10, 2019.

After the match s «sassuolo» ronaldo confidently headed the list of bombers of the series and from 18 goals (on the account of the nearest pursuers of salads and quaglaireles for 16 goals), and «juve» ahead of championship «napoli» for 11 points.

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